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As no doubt many readers noticed the website was down for a long period of time today–not sure how long, but at least 7 hours–I first noticed it at noon today.

Apparently there was a problem with an ‘array’ on the server and the website had to be migrated to a new server. What does that mean?? Hell if I know–to me it was just broke and now they have it fixed.

3 thoughts on “Website Down”

  1. In the new fangled world for awhile now, you have various virtualization and containerization of the infrastructure from disk storage to compute platforms. When disk subsystems fail (controllers, disk, etc.,) is not a big deal with various redundancies such as raid 1, 5, 10… and disks are removed and simply replaced and the mirrors/stripes are rebuilt, or apps can be moved around to other containers. Doesn’t sound like the case and the site is probably put on individual host, and when failures occur, the app is moved to another host and built from backups. It works… but is probably going back to how things were done 10+ years ago, where an app is built on a single host. If you wanted additional compute power for the website, you built it on 2+ hosts, and used dns/alias loadbalancing (such as f5) across the hosts. If anything on the host dies (memory, cpu, backplane, disks, power supplies, etc., build on a new server and rebuild from a backup.

    Glad it is back up, thank you.

  2. Whew! I thought it China or Russia or Tik Tok . . . Thanks for everything, Tim, wish you a profitable week in crazy times.

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