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Hi.  For 16 years I have published websites that are primarily devoted to preferred stocks and exchange traded debt securities (baby bonds) and we have served millions of pages of information to investors.  During that time frame we have not ever solicitated funding of any sort, instead either purely funding our overhead ‘out of pocket’ or, in the early days, using Google Advertising to help fund the website.

I have invested 10’s of thousands of dollars of my own funds in publishing these websites and many, many folks have asked how they can contribute to the overhead so we have set up this donation page.  As we start on the trail of making further improvements that will benefit those investing in preferred stocks and baby bonds we will be investing significantly in technical services.  For instance we would like a searchable database which will allow users to search for just the right security that will meet their needs.

We have given multiple choices below for donations.  A 1 time donation is available and so is a monthly donation.  All donations are through PayPal and as such we do not have have access to any credit card numbers or bank account information which keeps your information secure.

NOTE–whether your donation is tax deductible is between you and your tax advisor and we are not able to give direction on taxes

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