Bank and Insurance Company Preferred Stock Listing

Bank and Insurance company preferred stocks are now (as of 2017) required to be non-cumulative in respect to dividends if they want the equity to count as “Tier 1” capital, which is a core measure of financial strength. This has been the case since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 when many banks required bail outs from the federal government. This is a measure that is intended to allow a bank to strengthen their financials if there is another crisis by suspending dividends and not have to pay them later on.

Dividends from preferred stock of banks and insurance companies do qualify for the preferential tax treatment from the U.S. IRS. This means that dividends are taxed at the capital gains tax rate instead of the normally higher ordinary income tax rate.

Below we list the currently available $25/share preferreds that are available from banks and insurance companies.

The YELLOW color in the earliest call date column simply means that the issue can currently be redeemed. Investors should use caution when buying because if the issue is trading above par by more than 25 or 50 cents/share as a holder may suffer a capital loss upon redemption.

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