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This is a page where bonds can be discussed. I am thinking primarily $1,000 issues which are of interest to folks.

Like the other discussion pages posts will stay intact for a number of months.

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    1. “Thank you for your e-mail and feedback to FINRA.

      We are aware of this issue – the system will currently only accept the exact match for the Issuer (match to how it’s listed in our database). We are working on a correction and expect a resolution shortly.

      Apologies for any inconvenience.



      1. Pretty ridiculous IMO. Hard to think they had much beta testing before releasing it to the public, because surely any user from the Morningstar would have commented on the numerous issues. I have been beta testing a major new platform for an oft mentioned brokerage. It is not rocket science . .

        1. Tex – You have any path to follow @ Fidelity to get them to fix the input problems they’ve created on their bond yield calculator @ It’s such a great tool but it’s becoming extraordinarily difficult to accurately input numbers and dates and the problems vary depending on which browser you use (assuming Windows – don’t know about IOS or Android). I’ve been told to talk to the Fixed Income Dept but it’s like pulling teeth to find someone who knows who’s in charge of programming the calculator…. I’ve been working on them but maybe you know some shortcuts?

          1. Unfortunately 2WR, I am not able to help at Fido. Behind the scenes the calculator uses javascript to call the functions. You would hope that it would run the same on all modern browsers, but I guess not. It sounds like an IT problem instead of a fixed income group problem. There is an industry standard subroutine used to do all of these YTC/YTM calcs. The browser, regardless of which one is used, just has to get the correct input data passed to the subroutine. Sounds simple, but every browser is a little different.

            1. I appreciate your response, Tex. I’ll give that angle a try….. I’ve researched and found a guy named Eric Grounds to be in charge of IT. Maybe he can help direct me to the right person.

      2. 2wr, Just like Obama…you give me Hope.
        Maybe this site can be a Public Beta Tester Feedback Site for Finra? What ya say Tim?…for a large flat fee!
        The power of many eyeballs (and common sense which is very evident here helps).

        1. Joel, to respond might be to cross the political line in the sand…. Let’s just say you made me shudder………..

    2. Joel I am not going to bang my head against the wall. I copied and pasted a CUISP someone mentioned on this site and it found that single listing on FINRA but trying to do a general search for all bonds by a single issuer forgetta boug it.
      I had a thought that if we filed a complaint with our brokers who are members of FINRA that they would get more of a response.

    1. ? OMG Joel I just tried to find the bond search page. I can’t find the search tool.

      1. The new Finra bond registration process is awful. I think the new site was designed by Rube Goldberg.

        You are required to create a profile here

        I successfully registered , but I keep receiving this error message when I log in – “You are now successfully logged in. However, your destination application URL is unknown. If you know the destination application URL you may now proceed to accessing it directly.”

        1. FINRA is JUST an information site. It is supposed to be a Playing Field Leveller with access to info and facts of the past ONLY. It is NOT a Fiduciary of Custodian.
          All this security crap is WAAY overkill for some subcontractor and legal fee generation. Got me a Govt Contract Mikey!!
          I’d be okay with a log on and already had one with the disclaimer of Hold Harmless…check here and move on.
          Asked for a reversion to the “Beta-View.” We will see.
          I referred FINRA Feedback to come to THIS site and location to see real feedback from experienced investors.

        1. blkrahn, already found it. TMI
          Doesn’t work like the old search tool. I typed in DPL nothing, I typed in AES
          The old search engine would bring up a list of all the bonds for Detroit power and light or since all the bonds are under the parent company all the numbers start with AES
          Yes Joel, I already gave them feedback with a link to this website also

          1. I agree with you Charles. However, using the CUSIP field, I’m able to obtain recent trade information, last trade yield, etc. It definitely isn’t as good as before, but perhaps in time, it will become so.

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