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This is a page where bonds can be discussed. I am thinking primarily $1,000 issues which are of interest to folks.

Like the other discussion pages posts will stay intact for a number of months.

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  1. Prospect Capital Man, 01/22/2026
    Rated BBB-/Baa3 Stable
    Yield 7.8%
    CUSIP 74348TAU6
    ArcelorMittal, 03/11/2026
    Rated BBB-/Baa3 Stable
    Yield 5.4%
    CUSIP 03938LBA1
    Main Street Capital, 05/01/2024
    Rated BBB-/NR
    Yield 5.5%
    CUSIP 56035LAD6

  2. Tex- I completely concur with you on PCG. I looked at Vistra awhile back and have a Fitch link I can share for anyone who wants a little DD. I do believe the big driving factor of that outlier yield relative to other bonds with same credit rating has been sky rocketing price of natural gas. This is a big negative for this kind of structure as it drives up collateral for hedges etc.

    Are you nibbling on any other junkier investment grade 2-5 year floats? I was debating on some of those Blackrock private issues. I’m going to be doing some new scans shortly.

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