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Below readers can post in the comments section items they believe are important to seen right away by all other readers.

For instance if we are not at our computer and a reader spots a new issue being issued they can post it below where others can come for ‘breaking news’ from other readers.

We want to keep this page ‘fresh’ so we will slick it off every 50 days so the items below remain only newer items.

We only ask that comments beyond the breaking news be kept to other pages or this page will be ‘out of control’ and not fulfilling what I hope is a handy alert page.


1,745 thoughts on “READER INITIATED ALERTS”

    1. It might be in line with other TBTF banks, but I think only 2.767% plus 5-year T at the reset date on December 15, 2029 is not enough return for the risk borne.

    2. Has this WFC cu 95002y806 preferred begin trading, is this qualified dividend?Thanks for any info

    1. Does this news affect Key Bank? I bought their preferreds cheap in the panic last year, wondering if it’s time to sell.

      1. Credit agreement and covenants are done ahead of time at the time of the loan. Of course they can be re-negotiated. These are the rules that govern the loan. For instance there might be line items that govern the payback of the loan. Ex. if new debt is taken on, then the new debt must have provisions to pay down existing debt. Nothing to be alarmed as this is following the terms of the agreement.

    1. complicated biz I don’t understand. Buffett shied away from such. I will do as well with this offering.

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