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Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

Well we get to get away from market fixation tomorrow. Actually I have so much work to do other than market stuff I’ll spend a fair amount of time painting one of the walls in my office.

But I hope that you all have a Thanksgiving that is meaningful to you–maybe around family or friends. I will have a nice meal with family—but will bow out of the 6 hours of chit-chat, but it is always nice to get caught up a bit for a few hours with people.

My wife and I talk about thankfulness quite often. Usually when we think we have more than our share of bad luck with cars or something else unimportant. It almost always comes down to having relatively good health, families we love and are supportive and a decent roof over our heads. Money kind of brings up the rear-her and I have no real reason to complain. I’ve been relatively poor and I have been relatively wealthy and wealthy is better by a tiny amount, but I am not sure having money in the bank makes me any happier.

What makes me as happy as about anything is to see all the folks on this website – the exchange of ideas and the civil discourse. I’m not sure if someone would have told me that in 17 years of website publishing that only 2 folks would have to be ‘banned’ out of the thousands of folks we have here every week and month that I would have believed it–most certainly I wouldn’t have. But the folks here are just the best and it gives me great pride and happiness to ‘hang out with you all’.

18 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!”

  1. Thank you Tim for such an informative and well managed site. I agree with those who suggest this may be one of the only civil places to visit on the internet. For me, investing is a hobby ‘for fun and profit’ as they say, but there are few in my physical circles that share the fascination. I’m very thankful for this site as a place to enjoy learning more about our common interest (pun intended) and even getting to know a little about the folks that contribute.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  2. Me: Where’s your other hand?
    Jerome Powell: Between 2 pillows
    Me: Those aren’t pillows!!!

  3. Many thanks to Tim and all the contributors on this site, both past and present that have given me an education I couldn’t have obtained anywhere else. Sometimes I think this is the only harmonious and useful site on the entire internet!

  4. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from this web site and your earlier one. I appreciate that you keep everyone on topic with a light touch, and that you are both open and careful to qualify your views. Have a blessed Thanksgiving in Minnesota.

    1. Blessed..the most overused word during the holidays.
      I’d rather say maybe I got lucky.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. All the best to everyone on this great site. And special thanks to Tim for creating and maintaining the site and to those who contribute regularly.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to Tim and your family and the wonderful community that so willingly shares the wealth of their knowledge.
    Giving always gets us more … Universe has a way to somehow do that.
    God Bless!

  7. Good words. We appreciate all your efforts, Tim.
    As one Man said a long time ago, what does it profit if you gain the world but lose your soul?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

      1. Enjoyed the conversations this week. Hope everyone enjoys the day of Thanksgiving and if you get the opportunity for a 4 day weekend have a little time with family and friends.
        Cheers and talk to everyone soon. Want to thank Tim for this great site.

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