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No More Political Grenades

Chuck P has promised not to make anymore political commentary on the message boards–and I plan to hold him to his promise.

I have removed some posts, because they added nothing to of value to what we want to accomplish here.

My apologies for being slow on this item–sometimes I am in the office all day so I watch closer, but sometimes I am out a bunch so only give a cursory scan–which to the credit of all is normally adequate.

No doubt we are all frustrated by the politics in this country, but we will have to let CNN and Fox News resolve the issues–we can’t do it here.

20 thoughts on “No More Political Grenades”

  1. All one needs to do to see how political talk can ruin a comment area is to go over and peruse the comments on SA.

    Thank you to those that keep their comments here on subject and thanks to Tim for keeping it that way.

  2. ChuckP has shown a lack of self-control and self-discipline in commenting. I hope he changes his ways, for the sake of all of us.

    1. Bill; Does it give you great pleasure in “Piling On”??? Just so you know I was actually the one who was “Pro Active” and contacted Tim and told him that I planned on making NO MORE POLITICAL COMMENTS. Its really very UNNECESSARY for YOU & a couple of others to do what you are doing. Kinda like rubbing salt in the wound. I would hope that YOU and a few others could be a little more decent about this. But when Iam outright ATTACKED there’s a chance I may respond. It would truly be nice NOW if we can all just put this to rest and be done with it.

      1. Chuck, I have liked your input on investing especially last year on hotel stocks. I missed all the controversy, but that is fine. We have all been around and I have watched the government local, state and national since I first got to vote as far back as 74 and don’t think I have once missed the opportunity to vote. I decided a long time ago to stay independent and vote for whoever I thought was aligned with the best interests for myself and to a certain extent everyone. When my candidate or my position lost I sucked it up and said there is always the next time.
        When I see the news and people like Steve Bannon and others advocating violence I lose All interest in what they have to stay and others who support them.
        I have enjoyed Tim’s site for many years and the people who post on it. And hope to continue to learn from everyone.

        1. When I see the news and people like Maxine Waters and others advocating violence I lose All interest in what they have to stay and others who support them.

          It works both ways. Tim asked for no political talk. I don’t understand the need for a few to get one more parting shot in.

  3. Great timing. I was going to go out today to get a new tin foil hat, but maybe now I won’t need it.

    (too soon to laugh about it?)

    Seriously, thank you.

      1. I mean we are saying $5,500,000,000,000.00 costs $0.00 dollars! Get with the program!

    1. Private,
      We sell lead foil hats. Lot better at blocking EMT And RF
      At least that is what I have been told

      1. To block RF, you want high conductivity, so copper is best.
        Lead is only good for blocking ionizing radiation.

  4. Thank you Tim! as a loyal reader of Yield Hunter and admirer of you these many years this is appreciated. I have been more of a daily ‘lurker’ here- but may contribute more now on III. Bests, Bea

  5. Amen to that, I had that Van Halen song going through my head all day after reading his comment.

      1. This is an overly simplistic take. The politicians are calling the shots for the market, and some, like those Fed guys, were trading millions ahead of their decisions. The guys in Congress haven’t been much better at meeting their ethical standards.

        Either way, between the highly interventionist Fed and the proposed trillions in taxes and spending, I don’t think you can separate politics from investing at the current time. That’s not to say you have to insult the parties or other posters here, but if you want a short take, I prefer this one.

        “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session“

        1. That sounds plausible on the surface, but if the politicians were “calling the shots”, the market would always go up. I can’t see anything special or different about the current time. Political news is almost never investible, and political opinions are worse than useless.

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