$25 Preferred Stock Sorted by Share Price Loss/Gain

Below we list all regular (traditional) $25 preferred stocks—virtually all are perpetual preferreds but we have included term preferreds as well. We have not included trust preferreds.

This list is sorted with the largest loss 1st—and then all the way to the highest gain.

For our purposes we want to know which preferred share is taking a large loss at any given time—it may indicate a large seller has moved in to the marketplace and there may be a quick bargain available–or it may simply be a 100 share traded that was entered as a ‘market’ order. Because it simply may be a super illiquid trade we have added volume to the list.

The list sorts each time you load it—quotes should be 0-15 minutes in age (quote providers say real time–but I never believe them).

If you see one that looks like a potential buy you can click on the ticker and look at the issue chart.