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Just a Reminder – Avoid Politics

Yesterday we had a spirited back and forth in the ‘Sandbox’–I fully understand the strong feelings folks have about things like student debt forgiveness etc. You can’t believe (or maybe you can) how hard it is to write each day without bringing politics into my writing—BUT I just have to avoid it—our website won’t survive if we go down the political path.

Please refrain from going down the political path–I know it is difficult, but we will all have a better, more peaceful place to hang out. Thank you for your restraint.

49 thoughts on “Just a Reminder – Avoid Politics”

  1. Thank you, Tim, for your efforts to curb the political commentary. I am reduced to pretty much just lurking as, even with these efforts, there are a half dozen or so here that just cannot help themselves but to go into the political BS, esp. posting “news” or “commentary” from right-wing sites. Not saying that there are not far left things here too but the lion’s share I have seen slant far right when politics come up.

    IMO, there is no place for “far” anything (LEFT or RIGHT) in this country as it just feeds the divide. Whatever, I am middle of the road – left leaning socially, right leaning fiscally and that’s all I’ll say on the matter as I am sure I’ll get heat for even posting this. Thank you for providing the best forum for income-producing investments I have found in the ether to date – keep up the excellent work.

  2. Can’t we all just get back to work already?

    Today was one of the most interesting days in awhile and more opportunity awaits!

  3. oh my gosh.. yes I check in daily like I have since Yield Hunter which was my go to.. just noticed Tim’s reminder and the Bea comments! Especially in an election year it is hard and I get it. Sometimes I check in a lot more than once. Apologies to Tim especially and to others for swearing here when I went lurker.

    Should just stay out of it all but I am too feisty! lol. Absolutely no excuse, should just ‘ignore’ and move on.. but whatever, best to all. It was especially hard to see 2WR lose his precious rose and not put a note here, but I did reach out privately. The important things in life… Bea

    1. Bea, I think you had the right idea.

      This did seem like an interesting place to discuss dividend income strategy when I first started coming here, but nowadays it’s more of an “old men moaning about politics” kind of space.

      Best of luck to all those who actually post actionable trade ideas. Cheers!

  4. I might also suggest that people try to keep their egos in check. While it may feel good to mention that someone owns 5000 shares of a certain ticker or sits on multiple corporate boards and drops names to show how important and smart they are, it is also irrelevant to this sites purpose.

    1. Bob,
      Knowing about the people how post here I find useful. That includes who they get information from and the size of their trades can indicate there prior success.

      1. Danzeb – I agree. Everyone has different life experiences, different investing goals, etc. To me it is helpful to know people’s backgrounds, goals, etc. because over time you learn what information is helpful to you

        For example, and not to single anyone out but off the top of my head just a few examples:

        Grid provides great info – and I have profited from it. But I also know Grid has a pension he relies upon and can flip an issue quickly which is typically not my style so not everything he posts may be relevant to me.

        2WR has that bond background and is willing to get down in the weeds of a prospectus

        Alpha has a patient, very conservative approach

        Azure shares info from the corporate board level

        It has nothing to do with egos and everything to do with knowledge and background info. Knowing about the people who post provides good background info IMO – no one should be told not to share that

        1. Mav, does a wooden paddle saying hello to my rear end constitute a board meeting? If it does, I have received plenty of experience in such matters while growing up. And probably deserved more!

        2. Mav call me a cheapskate – won’t pull the trigger without LT margin of safety, plenty o’ spread and some panic selling. After that shooting at anything that moves all the way to the bottom – as long as it’s higher IG. Haven’t bought on pfd side since November – trying to stay awake, beginning to resemble Rip Van Winkle.

          1. Alpha, I need some counseling because this year I have become an investing curmugeon too. Maybe a still have a bit more starch in the investing britches than you do as I did do a couple trades. I bought some SCE-H today at $25.07, though I am blaming that on Zwei calling it back to my attention the other day. The Fed isnt scaring me for now so plus 8% QDI floating is fine. I also bought more of its sister the Series E floater that is near par and 9.75%. I cant blame that one on Zwei its my own fault as I was adding more to my existing position. Being called is no concern to me though. But, I cant get into to much trouble as a lot is tied up in the usual suspects of CDs, TBIlls, IBonds, TIPS, and shortish type duration debt.

            1. Grid, It’s totally Zwei’s fault. Be sure to show your love to Zwei if you score big.

              But as for the fed – heck, silver lining is we may get a second chance at 5% plus treasuries. Mav darn near locked that up today with the two year at 4.9something. These are good hiding places until the next event. With the VIX “finally” evidencing it has a pulse, the shooting gallery may soon be opening.

              1. Alpha, its the perfect time for yield rise mania to come for me. I start bleeding CD maturities next month. Would like the option of rolling back in at even higher yields be it CDs or treasuries. Or if a credit spread blow out occurs have that option to exploit too.

              2. Yeah, it was hard to pass up a 2 year treasury at 4.94%

                Been mainly buying one year – but the chance to lock this in for 2 years was too hard to pass up

          2. Alpha, lol. I fit in the cheapskate bucket as well. Perhaps not to the extent you take it, but I have always focused on buying bargains – whether in the market or in everyday life

            But I know the feeling with the market being boring – not much out there that has excited me to buy the last couple months. Perhaps just some swaps and trading around the edges

    2. Being constantly offended and overly sensitive about everything is a rough way to go through life. If someone has more money than you or is better connected or just smarter, maybe try to find a better way to deal with it yourself?

      Said a little differently…Toughen up, Buttercup

      1. Thanks for you considerate reply. Completely baffled why you think I am ‘constantly offended’ and ‘overly sensitive’ from my post. Sorry I triggered your snark defense mechanism. I am comfortable in my own skin and do not need to include information to prove my wealth and intelligence in every post (or any post for that matter). Others appear to have that need and it offers little to the discussion in my opinion to know what someone ate for lunch. YMMV. Most investment sites I read have a generally accepted rule of stating a position as a % of their total investments to show a degree of confidence. Beyond that it is bragging. Feel free to have the last word if it makes you feel better. Hope the rest of your day improves!

    3. Are there people here who think AzureBlue is a real person and not a Russian bot?

      I mean, you don’t see many real Americans who actually praise Orban.

      1. I think he’s a real person. I like his posts. If I didn’t I wouldn’t feel the need to announce what a grouch I was on some investing site while trying to denigrate him.

        1. All part of the plan that Comrade Powell and I cooked up to attack families and get President Biden re-elected!

      2. Really ???

        You cry and complain about what others post that you read through your partisan perspective and yet you post this taking an unfounded shot at another poster here (AzureBlue) and a respected leader of another country?

        1. Hmm, “respected leader”… I think we’ve found another Russian bot.

          (Personally, I agree with John McCain’s opinion of Orban.)

  5. Really?! Posting political comments to Tim’s post requesting that we refrain?
    This won’t end as long as we are moved to respond to these comments. Don’t feed the trolls!

  6. “ Ms. Gump your sons back is as crooked as a politician.”
    Could care less about politics. It just divides us.

  7. Bea is a free spirit floating on the winds of investment. I’m sure she is sitting around checking in on us

  8. Tim, thank you for your post and I’m certain you know it’s very difficult to get away without being political in the investment world 🌎 I’m currently on a NetJet Bombardier 7500 (highly recommended for longer travel) to Hungary from Ft Lauderdale; the flight is about 11/12 hours and the accommodations are magnificent. The gentleman next to me (from the Caribbean/owns oil wells and properties) ask me where I was from and what I did for a living. Of course, he wanted my thoughts about the current business climate and we spoke extensively about todays economic situation in the US from my point of view. Hungary (for many that do not know) has a flat 15% on income tax and a 9% tax corporately, ZERO percent tax on interest, dividend and royalty income, there is a VAT tax, but it varies depending on what you are buying. The economy is booming in Hungary and you rarely see homeless people, violent crime or beggars like in California and Oregon (I was just on the US west coast having business BOD meetings and was shocked at the heartbreaking and depressing homeless issues and insane crime). Paper money in the US is GREEN and knows of no Red/blue political affiliation or persuasion and could care less if peoples feelings are hurt because someone has a different perception or opinion than your own. Thank G-d everyone is free in the US to have their own thoughts and opinions (even radical). When I buy a home, go out to eat, purchase a car, pay for my sons Dental School (😱) insanely high tuition, pay taxes, make investments, read the worlds news media etc etc etc NO ONE cares what my politics are and I never have asked what others politics are. Lastly, when I was reading the discussion here I was on a break from my 3rd BOD meeting of the last 2 days and immediately thoughts that I’ve never been in a corporate meeting where ANYONE talked about politics or how someone was going to vote as our goal is to make money for the shareholders (owners). Just why would I or anyone for that matter want to ruin the company by pushing their political point of view and alienating the customer. Too much more to write, but I’d rather day dream and wish everyone here peace and prosperity.
    Politics are about power; we cannot evade that truth or its consequences. We dream of a better world but it is in Utopia – that is, nowhere, I am Azure

    1. Ab, Oh Captain my Captain.
      I almost joined in but took a step back. I’m training a young man 22yrs old who is very intelligent. He graduated high school and took a little college but during Covid he couldn’t stand the remote classes. He’s living at home and paying rent and letting his dad lead him in the financial world. His dad is a sales manager. Already has a Roth and 401k from a previous job. He is dedicated enough he stays at a job long enough to learn. Last 2 jobs was as a server in a restaurant and car sales, both for 1-1/2 years at each. Sadly in talking to him I have found our school system has let us down on teaching history. If we don’t learn we are doomed to repeat.
      Talking about our world now compared to the era of 1870’s to 1900 and how business was run by Captains of industry and the Robber Barons and what the difference was. This was also the era that produced the labor unions that usually involved violence.
      I tried to compare to the world today to that era with this young man only to find out they had not covered this in school and he had no idea of what had happened.

      1. The fascinating history channel docuseries Men Who Built America is great for understanding that time period, and even my 8 year olds were getting into it, though it’s made for adults.

      2. A great book is titled the Lies our History Teachers Told Us. The author is a history professor and it’s a great read

    2. Where were you exposed to insane crime and homelessness on the West Coast? In the Board room?

      I have lived in California for nearly forty years, and I have visited Oregon many times. Both states offer great natural beauty and are populated by friendly, hard-working people. I’m sure Hungary is a nice place to visit, whether on a Netjet Bombardier 7500 (whatever that may be) or otherwise, but from what I have read, the government is autocratic. We Americans are fortunate to enjoy democratic institutions and the rule of law. We would do well to cherish and celebrate them. Hungary? No thanks.

      My two cents,


      1. I was in Budapest in Nov. The highlight for my wife was the 2 nights we stayed at the Anantara New York Palace hotel. She couldn’t stop acting like a tourist taking pictures during brunch. I was able to figure out the subway system with long walks between entrances from the great market hall. Believe me, they do have homeless and graffiti. I felt completely safe walking around in the different neighborhoods from the river to the center of the old town.

        1. Azure – I agree that politics has little place in the business world.
          When I was an executive in a fortune 5 company, we went to fairly great lengths to stay out of politics/keep politics out of the office (except our gov. relations team which was our dirty little secret). I had to get on a plane more than once to go “educate” a local exec. about leaving politics at the door.

          How that has changed.

          A young woman I mentor was working as an engineer at a huge social media company and ended up quitting (eventually) because its founder/CEO insisted on inserting his brand of left-wing politics into almost everything at the company. She said she felt “hunted” and constantly had to hide from the “thought police” who were trying to ferret out employees who didn’t “drink the kool-aid”.

          Good news is that we worked our contacts to help find her a better job where her views were not subject to attack, but its sad that she had to do that. Just as sad is that her former employer makes $billions and can inject their politics into the minds of so many social media users.

          1. Private – I will go your story one better. I had a very successful career as VP for one of the largest university medical centers in the country. When I left it I took some time off and then went to work as CFO for an expensive private PK-12 school because it kept me busy, I enjoyed what I was doing and I sent my daughter there

            I was friendly with many people on the board and they liked having me there as they knew I would be one of the few to stand up to the Head of School and run this as a business (which I did very successfully).

            Over time, some of the board changed and at one point about 12 years in the Head of School (who pushed his far left policies and agenda) had a showdown with the board (I was at the board meeting) as half wanted him gone, half supported him. In the end he won by one vote and most of his detractors left the board over that following year. That is when he really started pushing his agenda

            There were some meetings implementing a radical DEI initiative he was pushing that were mandatory – which after going to the first one and seeing how out of touch it was, I refused to attend and told my staff (who also hated them) they didn’t have to either. I mean what was he going to do – fire me. I didn’t care as I didn’t need to work at that point.

            Long story short, he pushed through the far left changes he wanted which immediately had negative impacts on enrollment. I finally said the hell with it and left a few years later after constantly battling him because his changes were costing the school big time money. A few years after I retired, a couple of my friends at the school texted me the Board fired the Head as enrollment was down over 27% due to his changes.

            It was that quick how letting one man push his political agenda into the school’s ethos and curriculum helped destroy a well respected school. They have a long way to go to recover from the damage his agenda caused

            As I told him constantly, you have to recognize and understand your potential customer base – and not everyone thinks like you

        2. Charles,
          Hungary is a wonderful place, but they have a very difficult language.

          In the ’90s, we helped build several factories there. Great engineering skill/tradition.

          I loved going there. Wonderful people and Budapest is great, but I could never get enough of the language to function without a translator.

          Like about every country, they have homeless, graffiti, petty crime, etc., but I never felt unsafe walking around by myself – especially in smaller towns.

          1. Last month, I ran into a retiree lady who worked with me and we started talking. She told me this fall she is going on a group trip to Europe. And they were landing in Budapest. It instantly didnt hit me, so I asked what country it was. She didnt have a clue. After a few seconds it hit me it was in Hungary. I asked her if she knew where Hungary was at. She said no. I told her I thought it was on the eastern side of western Europe (I think I was correct). Im not sure that helped her any either, ha. Doesnt matter to her, she booked the trip and is just going wherever they take her.

            1. https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/eupoliticallg.htm
              Hungary is the pinkish country to the right of Austria. (Ok, just kidding)

              I hope your acquaintance has a wonderful time.

              In the ’90s, I spent a lot of time siting factories in Eastern Europe. Spent many months there. Absolutely wonderful experience.

              We stayed out of the Balkans (wars don’t make for good business).

              My colleague had the Baltics and he loved going there (even after we concluded we couldn’t build there). He had a thing for tall blonde women, and he said they were in abundant supply.

              I loved Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. We set up several operations there. 50 years of oppressive governments made the people just bursting with enthusiasm for a more prosperous life. Lovely people, beautiful areas – easy to get used to.

              Romania and Bulgaria had some lovely places to visit, but weren’t ready for the type of technology manufacturing we were working on. In Sofia Bulgaria, we were still surveilled like we were in Moscow in 1980. Almost funny that they still did it and how bad they were at it.

              Overall, absolutely a great experience.

              1. True story, after the Wall came down, a couple of friends and I took a trip to Europe to ride the trains and drink alot of beer. Fortunately was able to spend 3 days in Budapest and it was wonderful. 5 course meal at our hotel for $25, beautiful people. One of the days we all split up to do our own thing. After deciphering the trains I was able to figure out how to get around. One of my stops, to his day I don’t know the name of it, was a large unkept cemetery. I could tell right away many Hungarian freedom lovers were buried there, flags everywhere, unmowed grass. Was surreal. In a small area, was a large statue with mowed grass around it. I went to take a closer look. None other than a statue of George Washington. Somebody had planted an American flag behind it that I didn’t see right away, and in a binder covered with plastic was Reagan’s written speech telling Gorbachev to tear down the wall. Luckily it was printed in English. One of those moments in my life where I started to grasp bigger concepts than the small world I lived in.

              2. Private, looking at the map I think I was correct wasnt I? I can take it if Im wrong. :). I remembered back in the day as Eastern Europe but I didnt know if that term applied anymore being the Soviet Bloc stigma thing of the past. But I do remember one thing from geography class over there…Its called Ukraine, not “The Ukraine”. I always tell my friends, you dont call it “The Mexico” or “The Canada” do you?

      2. Compared to LA, Oakland is even worst in murder statistics. Oakland had 27 murders per 100,000 last year according to the San Fransisco Chronicle. As with all states some areas are safe then others aren’t. In California Irvine and Chula Vista among others have low crime rates.

  9. All i know is that Calvin Coolidge is the best. Keep Cool with Coolidge! Dishonest Days with Davis. The Teapot Dome scandal was a tempest in a teapot!

    I kid… don’t stone me. I am not sure what the fine line on discussion is but the OP kind of crossed it of that main battle thread.

  10. Totally agree. I miss Bea who stopped commenting because of political BS. Maybe she’s still reading. I’d really like to see her insights again.

    1. Bea still comments regularly on SA. You can follow her or link to her comments there. I do that with a lot of folks–some who post here, too, but others who do not.


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