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  1. Now that my margin account is at Schwab, I can buy Schwab Slices…perfect for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy stock investing.

    I cooked up an order for $100 worth of 20 S&P 500 stocks (20 x $5 = $100). All but four are in the Nasdaq 100. My spreadsheet will report the performance of each stock, the 20 together (my personal ETF), and compare to $100 each of SPY, QQQ, IBIT and TLT bought at the same time.

    Should be fun. I hope to learn something useful. My apologies in advance if this marks the top of the market.

  2. NVIDIA. I bought more yesterday. This company reminds me of MFST when I started buying. Will the price always go up? No. Over time will this remain a great company. IDK, but based on research and speaking to others, I think so. I held MFST for a DECADE and it was dead money. It is now my largest holding allowing legacy funding.
    I simply do not value my investments day to day or year to year. Duration has proven to be a good strategy.
    Wish they didn’t increase the dividend but think stock spit is good and will be a plus. Then Blackwell hits the market and …. As I have posted before I owned NIVIDA since 2015 when it was supply video games.

  3. The hurricane forecast from NOAA is for an unusually active season this year, (8 to 13 hurricanes and 4 to 7 “major” hurricanes). The higher forecast is consistent with other projections. Massive insured losses should not surprise. That’s what insurers do. The investing question is a riff on the quarterly report cliche, “Meets or beats expectations?”

    If you are looking at reinsurers or P&C insurers It’s not a bad time to check what their aggregate hurricane exposure is. (Usually I do this in hindsight to my detriment .) Surprisingly, some insurers that said “we are now out of hurricane insurance” still have exposure from existing policies on their books. When looking for hard info, I prefer the industry sites over the stock pumper sites.

    One trade report says that this season’s Florida reinsurance rates are flat to down 5% this year. Being a contrarian, this suggests to me that the industry may have under priced risk. If so, deep value buyers may find some buys in the late fall.

    The hurricane season is said to peak in mid-September, although October can be a deadly month, so you have time to Google around. JMO. DYODD.

    1. Yah I live on the gulf coast, so we always pay attention this time of year. I also own a couple insurers, so watching those closely too…

    2. Bear, I have been occupied otherwise so didn’t focus on investments. Last week we received a letter from Nationwide Private Client that it would not renew our home policy. It has elected to leave the state of TN. The following day I read an article in the NYT which stated: “The data show that homeowners insurance was unprofitable in 18 states last year, up from eight in 2013. Most of those states are in the interior of the country, hit by severe storms and hail in the Midwest and Southeast, and wildfires in much of the West. In response to those losses, insurers have raised premiums, narrowed coverage and dropped customers, and even entirely withdrawn from some states.”
      The largest category of claims were from hail damage. For due diligence, I would look not only at hurricane predictions but also the data. I can post the article if you subscribe.

      1. I prefer to shop in the wholesale end of the store, re-insurers, rather than the retail end. IMHO, its more predictable. The consumer end has grinding parts like state regulators capping insurance premiums and legislators with angry constituents. So hail is not much of a concern for me, since the losses seem to fall on the consumer-facing insurers. On the other hand, a hurricane taking out a $110 billion swath of Florida real estate in 2 days can put a serious dent in a re insurer’s balance sheet.

        There was a CEF that featured hurricane risk bonds which are uncorrelated and high risk / high reward, I owned and eventually sold it because they got cold feet and cut their exposure to maybe 33%. So they became just another under-performing high-fee CEF. JMO. DYODD.

          1. No, but I have a legacy position in Axis AXS preferred. The preferred currently yields around 6.4%. I don’t worry about coverage. The common has had a nice run up YTD, handily outpacing the Mag-7 lead S&P 500 and in a photo-finish with Ozempic. Not bad for dull.

            Axis has been reducing its hurricane risk exposure, though I can’t tell you what it currently is. Reports suggest that Axis will now be a slower grower but with more stable earnings. Interestingly, some “experts” are now criticizing Axis for getting out of hurricane risk which is fast growing and can be profitable. At least until the next Cat 5 hits Florida, when they’ll say, “Gosh, that big loss was sure a surprise.” JMO, DYODD.

      2. wow TNT, cancellations hitting Tennessee!! what the heck! we had 6 tornados this mo in SW PA, flooding, massive rain in April (of course flooding is not covered unless you get natl flood ins and live in a flood plain.. any home can ‘flood’ w runoff water issues in a downpour. Our Homeowners went down a little this year, we did have State Farm come out last summer to reinspect as they are doing w all policies and they gave us an ‘ultimatum’ on our roof which we get inspected 2x a year due to all the trees around here. Our roofer fixed right away the ‘concern’ he said they were fishing roof is fine! Our agent was helpful. But nothing is going to help w statewide cancellations, insurance 101 they can cancel a class of policies but it has to be the whole state. I was surprised it went down a little to be honest.

        Again wow didn’t realize these cancels were hitting states like TN as well. People self-insuring million/ multimillion $ homes more and more which is wild. Hope you find something I am sure a broker can help. Bea

        1. FWIW – our homeowners is up something more than double and we don’t live a fire-risk area.

          Just insurance companies jacking up rates because they can.

          Doesn’t help that our idiot governor blames everything on “climate change”, up to and including to athletes foot. Makes it easier for the insurance carriers to jump on the bandwagon.

  4. Developing news item coming over that a helicopter carrying Iran’s President went down in a crash of some sort. These events, these days seem to be a two or three part process. First, hard news on what happened. Second, rumor mill / conspiracy theories. Occasionally a third part, getting even. Can’t say just yet whether oil markets will shrug it off like everything else or whether it will be a destabilizing event in the Middle East.

    1. dang…$52 should provide heavy support as it was 2019 and Covid low – i have no skin in that game…

      1. yazzer – Interesting that CVS 14 and 15 year bonds trading well over 6% yields now. And a few of these floats have 4%er and 2%er coupons trading way under par so you know those will not be called.

    2. I can’t decide to take a position or not. I did read yesterday in WSJ that CVS is getting into the business of making generic drugs. In this dysfunctional health care system, CVS now requires brand name drugs when the generic are cheaper. The reason being CVS drug management sector, receives a big rebate from Abbe so …. I normally avoid the health care system just because it is not motivated by economics but rather absurd policies from our GOV.

        1. Steve H, I agree. However I never buy until the next earnings report is delivered. I decided to stay away from health care.
          On a related topic, I did a mini dive into the Health Savings Accounts rip off. The three largest banks require a sum of cash to sit in their banks earning no interest and this amount is required to be maintained before one can invest HSA funds. Turns out the biggest is owned by United Health, others are private, etc. I did drill down to a smaller bank, Webster. It is expanding its HSA and medical services. I bought the common on one of the recent days when(once again the sky is falling) the prices declined and have a nice gain. I also bought some of the preferreds. The stock is not a bargain now but you might want to take a look at it and put it on a watch list.

          1. If you need a home for your HSA, Fidelity has a great plan. No cash requirements and you can invest it in anything they offer. My HSA is there.

  5. SBUX earnings just came out. If anyone ever wanted a starter position here, might want to take a look. Stock getting smashed in after hours down 10% trading $79s which is a four year low.

    1. SBUX $74s now. I’m still on the sidelines. Even with this giant price tank, dividend yield still too low for me. SBUX has a 20 year bond with 5.8% yield which is effectively not callable until the month before maturity. Thinking this is the route I will go.

    2. I’ve been in starbucks for a very very long time. Today is not a great day for me, but I’m still way up. I’ll probably buy more.

      1. luk, I could say the same thing about Disney. If I didn’t have to pay tax, I would have sold long ago. I believe in letting your winners soar. SBX has got real competition in US and real issues with Al Shaya its largest licensee. I hear thru friends that Al Shaya is demanding a lesser fee from SBX. I can’t speak to the China market.

  6. COSTCO. Raised the dividend for next pmt. I bought this stock as my youngest son did a SWAT on it. He suggested I purchase. I had never been in a COSTCO but like most parents I wanted him to feel his opinion when derived from research was valued. Well, bought almost five years ago and the stock/dividends are close to paying for his out of state college education.
    I haven’t bought another share and will let this ride. When your horse is winning, give the reigns and sit back.
    PS I have now been in a Costco; happy to shop online.

  7. In the what the heck is she buying now category; I have done small positions in 3 intl stocks w strong div hx for the Roth. I had no real foreign exposure outside Canada/Australia where I feel most comfortable and had been looking around for a while.

    CK Hutchison, the Li Ka Shing empire, CKHUF ( or HK:1 or CKHUY adr but div gets whacked by unsponsored adr fee..) conglomerate, mostly infra/telco but 17% of Cenovus the CA oil co. Goes xd 5/29 2 divs a yr.

    Legal & General Cos Ltd, UK Ins/asset mgr etc; ., LGGNY went xd about .88 yest on the ADR pays one big one small div 2x yr went w ADR on this one despite the fee BNY Mellon takes out of the div;

    BB Seguridade ADR Brazil ins/asset mgr again big divs went w ADR here BBSEY. 2 divs a yr

    not recommendations just sharing, DYODD they meet my value/div total return potential I guess . Articles of course on SA for more info. fyi. Bea

    1. Bea, I like the cash balance on CKHUF. Did you try to buy on IBKR to avoid fee? Also on the Brazil common, how do you (or do you)mitigate currency risk? Finally, are these dividends treated as qualified by the IRS or ordinary income? TIA

      1. Hi TNT; sorry I do not use IB. I do believe they don’t allow F share trading some have comment on that; of course you can convert to HK$ and buy on HK exchange when it opens HK1 is symbol..yes ‘1’..Li Ka Shing is I am not hedging currency risk; don’t know if they are Q sorry, I have in Roth.
        My little foreign stock basket to supplement Canadian names like ENB, TRP, Whitecap, Paramount (ng co.) for now.. in total maybe this is 3% of my portfolio tbh, I guess in total they are my dollar hedge.
        Outside of company websites of course best place for DD, you can do some research on these on my starting place for ADRs, the Citi site; they give a lot of info (not sure about Q or not probably not) and if they are not the sponsor or unsponsored ADR bank, they tell you if it is JPM, BNY Mellon or DB.

        hope this puts you in the right direction. Recent articles on all three may help on SA as well.

  8. WHR – getting destroyed today

    about a 7% divi they seem committed to from the conf call

    seems really cheap, but cyclical…

    looks like a 10-15% free cash flow yield on equity depending on what you normalize cash flow to be and if you believe management

    1. Up almost 50% on the price in one day, but I don’t think the shorts are getting squeezed just yet but close.

  9. $ENB common is getting interesting again sub $33 8.25% yield or so,if held in Roth or TradIRA no tax to US, 15% w/holding in taxable. I know people buy the pfds I don’t but those are fine too. ENB is of course buying a bunch of utes from Dominion and has delevered somewhat, de risked. TC Energy TRP also came way down, put them both on hotlist for Roth additions. Plenty of articles on Seeking Alpha on them my fav Trapping Value has good article on ENB and is long.
    BTG B2Gold is paying .16US and yield is well covered, a bargain in the gold space I have a bunch, some noise on Mali unrest but the company is now valued at all other assets NOT including Mali, well funded w tons of cash.. Taylor Dart has article, I am in his service, incredible analyst and work, just some ideas, DYODD. Yes gold miners are div payers, AEM Agnico the premo miner in the space nearly all CA/AUS gold mine low cost. Bea

    1. I’ve stumped the Fidelity rep, but I’m guessing someone here knows the answer.

      I hold ENB common in my HSA at Fidelity and they take the 15% withholding in that account. Are shares in an HSA treated differently in regard to the foreign tax treaty? Or should they be treated more like shares in a ROTH or Trad IRA? Can I still claim the foreign tax credit? (I know, no tax advice. But, anecdotally, what has been other’s experience?)


      1. From what I know (not an expert), the tax treaty applies only to IRAs (roth and traditional), and not to other types of retirement or tax-deferred accounts. Owning a Canadian in a 401k for example will put you in the unenviable position of foreign tax withholding and no foreign tax credit. I assume HSA is the same.

      2. No foreign tax credit is available on your income tax return for foreign tax w/h inside IRAs or HSAs or any other tax deferred account.

      3. I am only up on Canadian w/holding tax in IRA/Roth IRA and taxable a/cs for US folks, if you are on Seeking Alpha you can ask my friend ElaineMarino a foreign div tax expert she has been very helpful on all these questions..I cannot recall HSA coming up, always IRAs 401ks etc.. Bea

        side note started small positions in ENB and TRP today, will probably build on those if weak (in RothIRA no tax w/h. ) B

    2. Bea,

      Long both ENB (added recently) and TRP. I own some of the preferreds of both as well.

        1. Hey Buck, Thanks for the reminder about Stock house. Forgot about that site. That site is heavy into miners, but I ended up with the impression there were a lot of back room dealers posting and doing pump and dump schemes on there.

          1. very very much agree about the pump and dump so am very selective about what info I use Stockhouse for

    3. Bea, Thanks for the rec on Taylor Dart. I am interested in observing his analyses. I hold ENB in taxable; bought when the Dominion deal was announced and ENB price declined.
      This year my absolute best performers (excluding NVDA, MFST, etc.) have been distressed buys. I am up 30%on regional banks bought when SVB crashed. LNC and debt same time frame. NYCB debt right before it was up righted. Lumen debt before the TSA.
      I don’t congratulate myself as I have nothing to do with the performance of these securities. I just remain grateful with a belief in the USA businesses (thankfully never owned Boeing but I do own a chunk of Disney which is a train wreck.)

      1. TNT, I second the reco on Taylor Dart. SA full of less than stellar people but Taylor in my opinion one of the better analysts. His knowledge of his field is unmatched.

  10. Entered into a arbitrage trade a few months back. Tapestry is acquiring Capri at $57 share. Tapestry financing is in place; Capri has given termination bonuses to its management, EU and Japan has approved.
    I am ahead on this trade. Only the US is left to approve. Ms. Khan seems to want to stop every acquisition. IF she thinks ladies purses will damage the consumer, I give up.
    Today I bought far out of the money puts to hedge. I have seen Ms. Khan’s purses and she isn’t buying Coach, Kate Spade, etc. Last week she had a Celine purse! You can’t make this stuff up. If this trade is positive, I am buying a Celine myself!

    1. Well Ms. Khan filed suit against the Tapestry/Capri deal. She states that outlet malls will be denied competition. I doubt she has ever been to an outlet mall. I am sticking with the trade and may add a bit more today.
      If she were interested in substantive work and not media clicks, she should look at the alcohol distributors. What a set up!

  11. Evaluating NGL. It has announced payment of all preferreds which were suspended. Paying off the private preferred and then redeeming it. This will increase cash flow. Fitch rated:
    It should take them a couple of years to have cash to redeem retail preferreds. I bought the preferreds and may take the payments and put into the common. MLPs are trading very high and hesitant to add but this either goes up, acquired or BK.

  12. Sold Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM). 41+% gain in 8 weeks. Gadzooks!! Holding onto B2 Gold (BTG) and Newmont Corp (NEM) for dear life. Those up big too.

  13. Added to my Blackrock Health Sciences Trust (BME) holdings. Really nice discount building in this Closed End Fund. Have owned it for yrs, TR is decent, not much in terms of cap gains but pretty rare to be buying it at such a high discount ~8.2%. Discounts like this usually spike and then head towards par value fairly quickly.

  14. RBC issued: “For the May 24, 2024 dividend and for future dividends declared until further notice, the bank has decided to purchase common shares in the secondary market with no discount from the average market price (as defined in the Plan).”
    I turned off the DRIP as only use when obtaining a discount.

  15. Sold Polaris (PII) and used to just the profits to immediately buy Broadstone Net Lease (BNL). I like what they are doing with Industrial.

    1. Also, today sold Argentina ETF (ARGT). Not bad 46% for a 5 month hold. I know I will regret this one. In addition, sold Ford (F), 30% gain in ~4 months. Always tough to sell the winners. Hoping it falls back again, just felt it was time to take profits.

      1. Jumped back into Getty Realty (GTY). Originally a pandemic purchase, Sold last yr ~$35.50, picked it back up today for $26.66. Second REIT purchase in 2 days. Not a trend most likely. Strong yield on weak share price, business is solid. 10 yr streak of annual rising dividends.

      2. PP, Speaking of international, I read an interesting article on Indian stocks.
        The following particularly is of interest:” Indian bonds are likely to attract some $100 billion of foreign flows in the coming years after their inclusion in JPMorgan indexes, trillion-dollar sovereign bond market is gearing up for a rush of foreign money when it’s added to JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s emerging-market bond indexes in June”

        I am considering trying to take advantage of this. I heard it was cumbersome to buy on the Indian stock exchange. Thinking of other investment ideas to capitalize. Any thoughts?

        1. TNT, thats interesting on the India interest from JPM. I have been holding on to The India Fund (IFN) ETF since after the pandemic. Distro is high on this one which I find very unusual for international. That wasn’t necessarily why I bought it though as cap gains have been impressive as well. It was on my possible list to unwind a bit but I chose to sell ARGT instead. Honestly, for India, I’d rather have low or no distro and let it go to town on growth. Maybe will go on another hunt to see if can make this better.

          1. From readings and such, the prediction is the active managed funds have early entered based upon India being added. JPM is adding monthly and will have 10% of its index invested in India. Speculation is others will follow. The Indian equity market is on par with the US in performance. I do not know of a way to buy only Indian financials easily. Do you? This youtube is informative:

            1. TNT, no I don’t really know how to go that route (buying Indian financials). Other than Canada, I do not usually hold foreign stocks other than ETFs. I have on occasion jumped into a troubled Latin American utility or two. But those companies had NYSE or NASDAQ symbols so could buy easily. My feeling is, if JPM carries thru, that there will be avenue’s opened up shortly to do such things.

  16. Disney. Today we should know the proxy vote. There have been numerous comments towards Schwab that are negative. I never replied because it is a free market and I choose Schwab.
    Today is a perfect example as to why. I own DIS shares and VOTED as Schwab validates my right as a stockholder to vote.
    Vanguard, Blackrock and others do not.
    As long as my money is invested in a stock, I expect the right to vote.

  17. The local press has been non-stop hysterical about price inflation, not in West Texas Intermediate, but in Easter bunnies, the hollow chocolate ones. Cocoa prices are up sharply, outpacing Nvidia and bitcoin. The Odd Lots podcast has a great segment on cocoa as a commodity, 20 minutes of insights into the interplay of farmers and received farm prices, weather, crop disease, governmental policies (paternal vs free market), taxation and financial speculation.

    Lots More on the Parabolic Surge in Cocoa Prices

    Disclosure: research discloses a 3 Musketeers bar (Mars – private) has as much sugar as 3 Krispy Kreme donuts. I take this as permission to have 3 Krispy Kreme donuts when chocolate prices go higher. (DNUT, up 22% in 5 days) Maybe McDonalds MCD is on to something.

    Nestle NSRGY
    Down 11.3% YTD
    PE Fwd 18.5x
    Yield 3.2%

    Hershey HSY
    Up 4.3%
    PE Fwd 20.2x
    Yield 2.8%

    Mondelez MDLZ
    Down 3.3% YTD
    PE Fwd 19.9x
    Yield 2.4%

    Krispy Kreme DNUT
    Up 1% YTD
    PE Fwd 52x
    Yield 1.0%


    1. Krispy Kreme PE 52 x earnings!? What is this game stop ? Went public in 2000 stock crashed in 2004 I still remember it. Was the Meme stock at the time.

  18. Per Bloomberg:: Senior lenders to broadcaster Sinclair Inc. reached a cooperation agreement that went into effect Wednesday night, according to people with knowledge of the matter.
    Thanks to someone that mentioned the common. I evaluated and entered. Gain since then and today more gain.
    Bull markets sure are nice but I’ve been to a rodeo many times. All I know is duration in the market pays off. But you have to stay on when the bucking begins!

  19. There will be a lot of insurance claims to be sorted out after the bridge collapse. Reports are that insured losses are manageable, latest guesses around $3 billion, a big number, but a lot less than recent Florida hurricanes. From news reports – Names mentioned by a Wells Fargo analyst: Arch Capital Group ACGL, AXIS Capital Holdings AXS, Everest Group EG, RenaissanceRe RNR. Hannover Re HVRRF, Swiss Re SSREF SSREY, and Munich Re. Mentioned elsewhere: AXA XL and insurers: Chubb, AON. Not too much impact on the stocks, insurers are up today.


    1. Azure, looks like the HDO guys from Seeking Alpha are recommending KRP in their latest article by Rida.
      Not particularly pleased that they have discovered it, however. Hope this does not portend a collapse!

  20. News from MMM

    On July 26, 2022, 3M Company (“3M”) announced its plan to separate its health care business into an independent public company. The separation will occur through a pro rata distribution by 3M of at least 80.1% of the outstanding shares of common stock of a newly formed company, Solventum Corporation (“Solventum”), which will hold 3M’s health care business.

    ***Content deleted for brevity***

    Following the distribution, 3M will own up to 19.9% of the outstanding shares of Solventum common stock. Each 3M shareholder as of the close of business on March 18, 2024, the record date for the distribution, will receive one share of Solventum common stock for every four shares of 3M common stock held by such shareholder as of such time, with cash paid in lieu of fractional shares.

    ***Content deleted for brevity***

    Solventum’s common stock has been approved for listing on the New York Stock Exchange (the “NYSE”), subject to official notice of issuance, under the symbol “SOLV.” Following the distribution, 3M common stock will continue to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “MMM.”

    1. How much of the debt will be loaded on the spinco and will they give the liability for the ear plugs and face masks to SOLV ?

  21. Hey All – Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

    Concerning KRP, there’s lots of positive feedback on the ROC aspect of the dividend, but to me that is kind of concerning. Is the ROC characterization a factor of accounting , or is it a reflection on the true earnings of KRP?

    1. Rocky, this is the last presentation from Kimbell and may be of great help to you
      If you have further questions, I strong encourage you to contact Dennard Lascar in their Investor Relations Department at 713.529.6600
      I have to be very careful with what I type publicly, but will tell you Kimbell Royalty Partners is one of the largest single positions in my trust accounts for many years and my family and I have no interest in any sale of this position in the future.
      Wishing you profitable investing, A

      1. Azureblue – Very much thanks for sending the info. Will review this week!

        Best to you!

  22. I sold a BIG position of nvda yesterday just over 920. About half of the holding. Of course within 10 minuted of trading time it hit 953 on open and climbed to 974. My prediction of a 1000 looked like it was going to get there, much less this week! That was up 85% this year. Oh and in 2022 he was down 70% before it went up 10X

    Anyway I wouldn’t be surprised to see it back and fill to 7 something before 1,000. Its setting up for 1200 plus in short order! Get out the asbestos gloves!!!

    1. Certainly technology time. I wish I had bought NVDA 1 1/2 years ago but instead I bought AMAT. Instead of being up 500% I’m only up 110%. If only we could be that lucky with all our investments.

      1. micahc, So many things to do, so little time. I plan on going through my GTC orders this weekend and seeing if I need to update for the expiry date. Also if I need to drop the order completely or move the bids around. I doubt I will move any bids down with the way the overall market has been lately. I just hate finding out I over paid for something after the price drops. Also need to look at a few new stocks to see if it’s worth putting in some bids.
        Well off to do some cider bottling and make a dump run

  23. Sold the other half of my holdings in KRP today at 15.81 goes ex dividend Tues.
    I haven’t been impressed with the price action the past month. Up and down and up and down throughout the day. Looked like too much day trading. Wasn’t a strong and steady climb into the ex dividend date. I may be wrong and this stock will continue to grind higher, but I think once we are past the pay date the day traders will lose interest in it. JMO

    1. Sold too, agree with your assessment! I will keep track after ex-div and see what happens.

    2. Charles (and Rocky)
      We bought at the same time
      I still like it (especially the K-1 Return of Capital div treatment)
      I’m keeping

      We’ll see who turns out to be lucky.

      1. Better yet, ROC with no K-1.
        Premier owner of pure mineral and royalty interests across the leading basins in the United States

        We offer our investors a compelling risk-adjusted cash yield through direct mineral ownership in approximately 17 million gross acres with more than 129,000 wells, without any associated operating costs or capital expenditures
        Kimbell benefits from continued development of our acreage by leading operators, at no cost to us, and continued technological advances that are driving the U.S. energy renaissance
        Kimbell has elected to be taxed as a corporation for federal income tax purposes. Kimbell is neither a traditional Master Limited Partnership nor a Royalty Trust
        Our investors receive tax advantaged distributions via 1099-DIV without a K-1

      2. You could be right Westie, Lot of the market trades on emotion. This may be another one that got away. I traded with DMLP between 15.00 to 20 IIRC, which even though it’s a K-1 never hit me with a return of Capitol. Now look at it. I also traded VNOM but the yield wasn’t the same. What you need to do is keep an eye on this and the ex-dividend date.
        Again you could be right as we go into spring driving season. Just remember it’s payout is based on production for the last qtr. Because of the drop in oil prices from Sept to Dec. I guessed the payout was going to be close to .41 to .46 again, just a guess.

      3. Keeping my KRP and intend to add as soon as enough cash accumulates in my stock account. I’m a big believer in diversification and KRP is part of my energy holdings along with DRLL, BCX, ARLP and PAA. I especially appreciate the lack of a k-1. At my age, cash flow is more important than capital growth.

        1. Vinny all these except DRLL have decent yields. Two are LP’s so I assume they are K-1 with nice yields and you plan on just holding them forever. I see ARLP has a good yield but is a coal based resource. I like KRP, don’t get me wrong. Just being a producer of a commodity like oil the cash flow will be variable.

          1. Yeah, I bought PAA and ARLP when I was new to investing and didn’t realize what a pia those k-1s would be. My advice to my son upon inheriting my portfolio was to sell off anything that produces a k-1. The DRLL holding is part politics as it’s run by Vivek Ramaswamy who promises to vote the shares of companies held to favor the stockholders and company, not some DEI ideals.

            1. Vinny, Thanks for the insight and feedback. Yeah, I used to flip LP’s in my 401k but I got worried about tripping up. Recent one I did was SPH. I made money off a quick flip and the tax form they sent showed a 125.00 loss for the short time I held. The only one I hold right now is the EPD and I’ll keep it for the income, same as you and let our kids deal with it.

            2. Vinny

              Your heirs have a stepped up basis when they receive your K-1 holdings. They are the ultimate for tax avoidance. Tell your son to invest in Turbo Tax and regularly file extensions.


              1. Greg, thanks but the son in question is a CPA and avoids holding anything that generates a k-1. My partnership shares are in a taxable account so one gets to do the k-1 dance every year.

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