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Sortable Spreadsheet – New Instructions

New issues added as they occur and begin trading.

Please NOTE that this will not work with EXCEL only Google Sheets.

  1. You need a Google Account to use this sheet correctly. Go here to set up an account if you do not have one. While an account gives you gmail and other apps it importantly gives you an account for accessing and using Google Sheets.
  2. After creating an account with Google make sure you are signed in.
  3. Go the the sortable spreadsheet which you can find here.
  4. Once you open the spreadsheet as long as you are logged into your Google account the spreadsheet will automatically be in you spreadsheet list.
  5. You will see that when you open the spreadsheet it will say ‘view only’.
  6. Make a copy of the sheet for yourself–go to File, Make a Copy then give it the name you want.
  7. You will now be able to use own copy to sort etc.

Note that there are 3 sheets to the spreadsheet–I have hidden 2 which are not needed by you unless you wish to make changes. The tab you need is labeled “Filter”.

Unless you are very well versed in Google Sheets I would suggest not modifying the other 2 pages–BUT if you are like me and just can’t help yourself you can always come back here if you ‘break’ the sheet.

28 thoughts on “Sortable Spreadsheet – New Instructions”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’ve been making various changes and improvements to my local copy of this spreadsheet, and I wonder if it’s worth trying to share them with others. I’ve added stuff like sorting by Change and Ticker, highlighting Current Yields when they are callable, and adding a Yield to Maturity column for Term issues.

    There are still things I’m trying to figure out how to do reasonably, like adding the ability to “star” certain issues of interest, but things are mostly going smoothly. I’m still a beginner with regard to Google Sheets, but I’m a well-versed computer programmer capable of reading documentation and figuring things out. If there are other changes you’d like made to this, I’m happy to take a stab.

    Presumably you’ve got my email via the comment submission if you want to discuss further. Or if others have suggestions, feel free to add in comments here.

    1. Nathan, one function I found handy and recently discovered is
      =GoogleFinance(A10, “name”) Where A10 is any cell that contains the ticket symbol.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful resource! The directions were clear, and my copy now works well. Not sure if this is the right place to mention it, but I have a small correction to the sheet. Despite being Baby Bonds, I think BIPI, BEPI, and BEPH should be marked “Yes” for QDI. This made me wonder if there might be other Baby Bonds that give Qualified Dividends. Does anyone know of others?

  3. Tim ; I can pull up the spread sheet fine , but i can’t get it to sort when I click on one of the headings i.e. Yield ? any suggestions please

    1. ted–look on the bottom of the sheet where it says ‘filter alpha’ – click that and then you will see sorting options at the top.

  4. actually,
    if i just add the spreadsheet in any browser i’m able to sort the columns just by clicking on the header. no google account necessary…
    thanks a lot for the sheet though!

  5. What’s up with the Sortable Sheet? Used to just download. Now shows as needing to request access? I requested yesterday, no access yet. I’m OK waiting if that’s how it’s supposed to work, or is this something broke/not working right? Thanks for making the sheet available and updating.

    1. See #3 line in instructions above. I clicked on it and the spreadsheet simply opened. * You need to be signed into your GOOGLE account. Hope this helps.

      1. Must have been fixed as I was clicking on #3, had a pop-up to request access. Now opens the spreadsheet. Thanks

  6. Not sure the correct place to post this item.
    On the page entitled “Floating Rate and Fixed-to-Floating Rate Preferred Stocks”, I was looking at AGNCO. It lists the spread over 3mL as 4.332%. In fact, the spread over 3mL is 4.993%. (I believe the reason for the typo is that AGNCM has a spread of 4.332%, which is listed correctly on the same page).

    1. While I’m on nitpicks, I see the potential coupon for NLY-F listed as 8.633%. I’m confident that the dividend determination date is 9/29 at 11am London time. When I look at the history of libor pricing on web pages, I see 3.74286% as the 3mL rate on 9/29. That would suggest a coupon of 8.735%. I think 8.633% is based upon the 9/28 3mL rate. But maybe the popular web based rates shift the date because of the time difference? Just wondering which is correct? Thanks

  7. FWIW, AFSIN listed twice in the spreadsheet with differing data and missing AFSIA and AFSIM.

  8. Tim,
    Just a reminder of calls, effective today/tomorrow of securities on the master list: DRUA, SAF, UZA, TDI.

    1. Bur–sure I always look for suggestions–but with the caveat that I would 60-70 hours a week right now at my “real job” so my ability to spend great amounts of time ‘renovating’ right now are real limited. Also I paid a google sheets expert to build the original version and I no longer have a ‘sheets’ expert–just my old brain.

      1. Okay, I’ll put comments/corrections to the sheet here (as a new comment) as I have them, for you to address as and when you have the time.

  9. Had no trouble opening it…just reduced it to 90% so all the columns fit on the screen.

    Only problem, wanted to save it to my documents…couldn’t do it.

    1. Ron–you should have no problem saving it as long as you have a google account–all the instructions are on the page–https://innovativeincomeinvestor.com/sortable-spreadsheet-new-instuctions/

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