Sortable Spreadsheet – New Instructions


Update 3/24/2021

Please NOTE that this will not work with EXCEL only Google Sheets.

  1. You need a Google Account to use this sheet correctly. Go here to set up an account if you do not have one. While an account gives you gmail and other apps it importantly gives you an account for accessing and using Google Sheets.
  2. After creating an account with Google make sure you are signed in.
  3. Go the the sortable spreadsheet which you can find here.
  4. Once you open the spreadsheet as long as you are logged into your Google account the spreadsheet will automatically be in you spreadsheet list.
  5. You will see that when you open the spreadsheet it will say ‘view only’.
  6. Make a copy of the sheet for yourself–go to File, Make a Copy then give it the name you want.
  7. You will now be able to use own copy to sort etc.

Note that there are 3 sheets to the spreadsheet–I have hidden 2 which are not needed by you unless you wish to make changes. The tab you need is labeled “Filter”.

Unless you are very well versed in Google Sheets I would suggest not modifying the other 2 pages–BUT if you are like me and just can’t help yourself you can always come back here if you ‘break’ the sheet.

46 thoughts on “Sortable Spreadsheet – New Instructions”

  1. Not sure the correct place to post this item.
    On the page entitled “Floating Rate and Fixed-to-Floating Rate Preferred Stocks”, I was looking at AGNCO. It lists the spread over 3mL as 4.332%. In fact, the spread over 3mL is 4.993%. (I believe the reason for the typo is that AGNCM has a spread of 4.332%, which is listed correctly on the same page).

    1. While I’m on nitpicks, I see the potential coupon for NLY-F listed as 8.633%. I’m confident that the dividend determination date is 9/29 at 11am London time. When I look at the history of libor pricing on web pages, I see 3.74286% as the 3mL rate on 9/29. That would suggest a coupon of 8.735%. I think 8.633% is based upon the 9/28 3mL rate. But maybe the popular web based rates shift the date because of the time difference? Just wondering which is correct? Thanks

  2. FWIW, AFSIN listed twice in the spreadsheet with differing data and missing AFSIA and AFSIM.

  3. Tim,
    Just a reminder of calls, effective today/tomorrow of securities on the master list: DRUA, SAF, UZA, TDI.

    1. Bur–sure I always look for suggestions–but with the caveat that I would 60-70 hours a week right now at my “real job” so my ability to spend great amounts of time ‘renovating’ right now are real limited. Also I paid a google sheets expert to build the original version and I no longer have a ‘sheets’ expert–just my old brain.

      1. Okay, I’ll put comments/corrections to the sheet here (as a new comment) as I have them, for you to address as and when you have the time.

  4. Had no trouble opening it…just reduced it to 90% so all the columns fit on the screen.

    Only problem, wanted to save it to my documents…couldn’t do it.

    1. Ron–you should have no problem saving it as long as you have a google account–all the instructions are on the page–

  5. It appears the sortable spreadsheet is not available. After clicking on the link “Sortable Sheet” in the “Additional Links” section and clicking on the link in paragraph 3 I get a message that the file is in the owner’s trash and to save a copy locally. The file titled “sortable 7/29/2020” opens but has only one issue, BEP-A, in the “Filter Alpha” tab.

    1. Bob in Thailand
      Yes, I have the same situation. My question is if I was able to make a copy, would the data be updated ?
      Otherwise, the graph becomes outdated quickly.

        1. Interesting, Grid… thnx for the link I just checked quickly on our old favs EBGEF and EBBNF and it doesn’t show either under their Canadian symbols ENB.PF.V or ENB.PF.U… Any reason that you know of or did I just check too quickly and they’re actually there somewhere…….

          1. 2WR, I have always assumed because they are oddballs tied to US Tbill and currency not CAD. So to them they are really not CAD resets.

          2. 2WR, Ok, I was right, I just forgot…In the “opening monologue” which has good info in it besides the ticker info, it specifically states it isnt tracking the “US” issues.
            Issues Not tracked by our system The following Enbridge issues are US$ based and not included in our system.
            ENB.PR.U Series J.
            ENB.PF.U Series L.
            ENB.PR.V Series 1.
            ENB.PF.V Series 5.

  6. Tim, much appreciated.

    The formula for current yield (column L) assumes a quarterly payout.
    Example: (row 3) “= Q3*4/J3”
    The monthly and semi-annual payers have inaccurate yields, therefore.
    Examples: ARR-C (2.61%) and OCCIP (2.45%).


    1. Mikeo–I have been slowly adding the new issues to the various sheets, but for whatever reason they are slow coming off the OTC. Also I have really limited time—growl. My appraisal business is up 100% from a year ago–which doesn’t make me happy as my preference is to have less business.

      I will see if I can get a new sortable sheet out in the next week.

    2. mikeo–I just posted a new one–still have 4-5 new issues to get it, but it mostly updated.

  7. Hi Tim – first let me say thanks for this site. It’s been a great source of calm and interesting research suggestions by commenters over the last few weeks of turbulence.

    Regarding this sortable spreadsheet, in your updates do you add tickers for prefs missing from the list or only when they are new issues? e.g. I have a couple of REIT prefs (CCI.PA and MAA.PI) which don’t seem to appear in the list. Can these be added?

  8. Tim,

    You have two occurrences of GGT-E in your spreadsheet. You don’t have GGT-G in your spread sheet.

  9. Thanks for sharing the Google Sheet. Is there a reason you haven’t set this up to be “View” only with your share? This would prevent people from making changes to your sheet. People would then need to save their own copy before making changes.

    1. Thanks for the ‘goose’ on this FL_Guy. I just changed it to view only and folks will have a google account and make a copy. For some reason I was thinking I was making it easier for folks–but obviously not.

  10. Thanks for the updated spreadsheet. I have saved it to my drive. Everything seems in order but
    my copy shows TWO tabs, Filter (as advertised) and Sheet14 which is blank. Just sharing in case others might have the same experience and have questions
    Thanks again

    1. Gary–just click on sheet 14 and choose delete–someone else put that in–I keep deleting and folks keep not following instructions–or some folks simply are not familiar with Google sheets.

  11. Tim – Being the dinosaur I am, I’ve never used Google sheets and have hardly ever used Excel. The procedure gives me an option I believe to either save to OneDrive or to my computer….. Given I’m on satellite internet with limited bandwidth, I’ve also not found OneDrive to be of use to me and haven’t used it either…. So, if I save this to OneDrive does that mean anything in particular such as a possible ability to be dynamically updated or updateable?

    1. 2wr–No, once you make a copy it is standalone. I will do updates every few weeks with updates. In order to be dynamically updated we would all have to be using the same document and we can’t use the same document as each person is doing their own ‘sorting’.

      What I will have down the line is one which can be opened and each person will be able to do their sorts right here on this site without having the copying etc.

      1. Thanks, Tim – So I’ll just make a paper copy and continue to ignore OneDrive… Thanks… as it turns out I discover my OneDrive account is frozen anyway because it’s been untouched for 2 years….

          1. johnkcal–just open your Google account(or be logged into gmail). Access the sheet–then it will automatically be in you personals lists of spreadsheets.

            To use it—‘make a copy’ (so go to ‘file’, then ‘make a copy’) and give it a name. The you will be able to sort etc.

            If you just bookmark the sheet you will not be able to sort etc–so you need to do the above.

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