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I Know it is Tough – But Be Careful on Politics

I know it is really, really tough–I want to blast bunches of the politicians–from both sides of the aisle, BUT we all know where these ‘conversations’ end up taking us.

I have removed a few comments this week–and pondered removing a few others (and may yet)–but my preference is to not ‘patrol’ politics. We have such a great group of people here with lots to contribute without politics.

Thanks to all.

12 thoughts on “I Know it is Tough – But Be Careful on Politics”

  1. Thanks for the reminder Tim
    Cheers to all

  2. I would prefer to talk about HDO than politicians. That is humorous versus sadness with politics talk.

  3. Tim…A question: Would a comment like “The definition of a fiscal conservative is a member of any party not currently in power” be considered too political? It does mention politics but is totally non-partisan, and an observation about politicians in general. I am glad partisan politics is not a suitable topic for discussion here.

  4. Tim, I truly apologize. Someone here initially posted something and I lashed back out as I hate just telling one side of a biased story. Please accept my sincere apologies and I too echo your apolitical sentiments, Azure

  5. Tim, apologies, my mistake, not intentional, just dumb. Also clicking on the “like” above.

    1. alpha–I can’t tell you how bad I want to ‘let loose’–I did once and Lord Xot disapproved greatly.

      1. It is pretty simple. You post suggesting the proper direction is XYZ. Other’s think the proper direction is ANTI-XYZ. What are the odds of convincing the ANTI-XYZ to change his/her/they mind and agree that XYZ is the correct direction?

        The odds are pretty close to zero. Probably about the same odds as getting struck by lightening. Point being your time would be better spent practicing your next TikTok routine or figuring out which preferred will blow up next.

        There is a financial corollary to this. There is a well known financial writer that advocates spending less than you earn and saving a little to be invested in index funds. One time I asked him over his decades how many excess spenders he had converted to being savers. . . answer: close to zero.

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