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Website Changes Underway

As my ‘real work’ has slowed I have been able to start getting some changes made on this website.

As you can see I have been moving some menu’s around–I will be continuing to move stuff. I have ‘requests’ into the web design people to make some changes and hopefully we will see them occur in the next week or so.

Chad Kraus, who I had worked with for 10 years on the old “Yield Hunter’ site and then this new site, has moved onto greener pastures. Chad has gone onto a medical software company in the south metro area so I am now needing to work with new folks and I am thinking it will take a while to get them accustomed to my way of working.

I have installed the web designers to make some adjustments to the new ‘forum’ page. I have fiddled with it for a few months and I think it will add value for many folks, but it needs tweak before going live.

I am adding a twitter feed to the site. We currently have something called ‘One Signal’ which readers can sign up for which sends a notice each time I publish anything new. Twitter is simply one more avenue for folks to get the information ASAP. We have 1438 folks currently getting the One Signal notice and the new twitter feed has 16 followers after a couple days–I am sure each day will show more followers. I need to install an ‘add on’ to the site so posts will automatically feed to twitter.

I am adding an email option as well. Some folks want email notices on new publications. Of course we will not be spamming folks with any of our notification methods–I have nothing to gain by pissing people off.

Lastly as you see changes being made I am requesting a little patience–changes you see are not final–I have to make some moves to ‘trial’ them and then readjust as necessary.

16 thoughts on “Website Changes Underway”

  1. Tim, can you move the open search box above the Twitter feed (i.e., just below the parent ticker search box)?

    Since I’m on the site all the time, the Twitter feed has less use for me.

    But since I am relatively new to the site, I often use that open search box, looking back at discussions on various issues. Thanks for listening.

  2. One of the first things I look for is Recent Comments. I suggest moving above Tweets so we don’t have to scroll down so far.

  3. Where is the “one signal” thing? I don’t see it and how do you sign up? via Twitter?? I don’t use twitter anymore and am not on facebook. Maybe I misread this and these are coming…I do see the twitter link to add you tho. Bea

    1. nevermind One Signal is a tracker I understand.. I did sign up for the Twitter Feed.. w the bomb that went off at Seeking Alpha today.. Twitter might pick up for trading/investing/ideas.. I see a lot of good things to follow and read over there outside the political and other crap. Bea

  4. TIM , I think your web site is getting too much. What I mean is too many parts. I’m sure you heard the expression KISS ( keep it simple….)
    I am follower of yours and have taken your advise. I’m very profitable with the preferd’s keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Jeff–I hope to keep it simple just need to reach out to some of the younger folks–at least younger than me.

  5. Tim, I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but where is the new forum page you mention?

  6. Look forward to a messaging/noticing feature. Dunno that Twitter is one of the many which ‘spam’ via their famous “Account-related” messages?

    1. Randal–don’t know too much about twitter–at least in detail, but I do know that any email I add will be controlled by me 100%.

  7. Tim, I sure hope one of the new website changes is a way for ALL of us appreciative III’ers to contribute to the Tim retirement fund! Or maybe it is to a Tim charity, but it should be something. . .

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