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Starting the New Year with a Big Thank You to All Readers and Commentors

Well we start the new year tomorrow and as we roll into the 3rd year of this particular website I need to Thank everyone who stops by the website and reads and/or comments anywhere on the site. We’ve come a long way since Gridbirds 1st visit in last 2018.

I think most of you know that without the interaction we have on the site it is just 2260 pages of ‘data’ I publish–boring. The old ‘Yield Hunter’ website had no commenting capabilities and I can tell you that while it may have served a purpose the knowledge that comes to me (and many) from the comments is invaluable.

Like most websites the comments on this site are made by a handful of people, but you can be certain that there are thousands of people learning from your comments. The average visitor to the site stays almost 6 minutes–which is a very long time for any website–and I guarantee you they are reading comments and learning. 60% of the visitors are from ‘organic search’ while the other 40% are ‘regular visitors’ so we have lots of new folks every day.

Once again–THANK YOU for spending your time reading and/or commenting–you all make it worthwhile.

17 thoughts on “Starting the New Year with a Big Thank You to All Readers and Commentors”

  1. Ahhhhhh Yield Hunter.. you know how much I loved that site! Congratulations as you continue to build out III and health and prosperity to you and your family. Let’s toast with a glass of “Glacier Water”…lol.. to many good memories and future successes! Bea

  2. Tim, Thanks for putting together a site that pushes education above all else. I have rarely seen a site, especially a finance site, that wants to empower its users. Keep up the great work.

  3. Time flies doesnt it Tim. I cant remember for sure how I found the site. I think its because you mentioned it in a comment on SA. As I kinda followed you since your article about extra safe preferreds one could buy, ala the KYN preferred types that are not around anymore. You are into the 4th different year already with the forum…. Amazing.

  4. This site is irreplaceable. There’s nothing else quite like it.

    May Tim and his many readers and fans have a prosperous and HEALTHY 2021!


  5. Tim – This site has been invaluable to me and has helped me do my preferred shares investments which has become 25% of my portfolio (it was close to 5% earlier). I cant thank you and other learned commentators on this site enough.

    May all of us have a wonderful decade ahead with lots of gains, lot of free time and memorable experiences

  6. This site has become an invaluable part of my investing & research. I have learned a lot from the site and regular posters. Thank you Tim and all those who post such informative info!

    1. C Malcolm – no matter our age the learning never stops. Thanks for being here.

  7. Tim, I am a long time follower from the Yield Hunter days. The addition of the reader commentary is a much appreciated and valuable addition to your very insightful comments.

    Thank you for your research and willingness to share it with your followers.
    Happy Investing in 2021.

      1. Tim
        It is us who should be thanking you for making the space available and interesting. Wish you and yours good health and prosperity in the year ahead. SC

  8. Thank you, Tim, for your wonderful site.

    Lets all have a prosperous and healthy new year!

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