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6 thoughts on “TPG RE Finance Trust New Preferred Stock Pricing Details”

    1. Mike H-
      same here.
      I’ve been wanting to say- Go Bears. Beware Arminger.
      (assuming that’s not your real name)

      sorry for off topic

      1. Thats a great series. I really enjoyed the Havel character created by S.M. Stirling! In his words. Haakkaa paalle!

      2. Dudes! Who knew I also would find interesting fiction recco’s on this site? I had never heard of Stirling or the Emberverse(!!), but skimming quickly through wikipedia articles it looks very promising, set as much of it seems to be in the PNW (where I’ve spent most of my life: Spokane, Portland, and now Seattle).

  1. Hi Tim,

    What your opinion of this one? Sound very attractive to me if we take into consideration the rating? I know it is not by the largest agencies but if the price is below 26$ it may be an interesting option.

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