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16 thoughts on “Bank of Hawaii to Sell New Preferred Stock Issue”

  1. Just in spending 20 minutes on their website this looks like another yawner. Most likely pretty low yielder.

    1. Decent Yield. 5.95% subordinated note HWCPL temporary symbol. Moody Baa3/ SP BBB-. It is trading with small volume. Ask $25.03. Bid $24.99. I have just sold Brookfield Property Partners preferred 5.75% with small cap loss offset by dividends and place an order for 400 shares of HWCPL. I may cash out some Gift from Tim AATRL and if sold, buy more HWCPL. Thank you Tim.

        1. Thanks. Sorry. Apparently the guy who took over Doug Le Du’s cdx3 got a glitch. They posted this one. I quickly cancelled the order. Now when I recheck CDX3, it was not listed on the new list. I should have checked my email alert. No wonder the volume was extremely thin.

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