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Sachem Capital Prices New Baby Bonds

Sachem Capital (SACH) has priced the previously announced issue of $25/share notes.

The notes prices at 6.00%.

These notes have a maturity date of 3/30/2027 with an early optional redemption available to the company starting 3/9/2024.

Egan Jones rates this issue BBB+

This issue will note trade OTC as such it will be about a week before we see trading begin.

The pricing term sheet can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Sachem Capital Prices New Baby Bonds”

  1. Thanks, Tim.

    I changed computers. Finally succumbed to W-10. Hopefully this comment will get me back on your pop-up list.

    1. Ron:

      I did the same several months ago as the trading platforms at places like Schwab stopped supporting Windows 7. I hated Windows 10 at first, but have grown to like it.

      You will love the lightening-quick boot up of your new PC/laptop and the massive increase in speed across all your various software…whoops, called “apps” now.

      1. “Lightening quick boot boot up” is mostly because newer computers have a “SSD” disk drive instead of an older, mechanical hard drive. Boot up times are maybe 10X faster using SSD drives. On desktop computers, it is easy to swap out the old style for a new SSD. You can buy a good SSD blank drive for $50 to $100. On laptops it is generally more difficult to swap them out, but it can be done.

        And Windows 11 came out last fall, Microsoft says “end of life” for Windows 10 will be 10/14/2025.

        1. Windows 10 users qualify for free upgrade to Windows 11 for a limited time – I think till this summer, after which you will have to buy the upgrades…

          Windows 11 almost same interface but better in many ways, so if your PC supports it, look to upgrade sooner rather than wait till 2023

          1. Better how? I would only upgrade if there was a feature I really needed.

            First thing I did with my compter was turn off windows update, and the automatic updates for all the software. Those updates break something eventually, and I just want a stable computer that computes the second I need it.

            Sure enough, there was a windows update that broke things a few weeks ago. They rush things out without much testing. I know a 10 year employee there.

      2. Still sticking by Windows 7 on one computer, During the trading day I use the 2 computer technuque, each has its advantages.

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