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Priority Income Fund Tee’s Up Series K and Calls Series E

Serial term preferred stock issuer Priority Income Fund (Not publicly traded) has teed up the series K term preferred issue.

Additionally they have announced a redemption of the 6.375% Series E issue (PRIF-E).

The preliminary prospectus can be found here for the new issue.

The announcement of the conditional (conditioned on selling of securities) redemption is here. The redemption is estimated to occur sometime between 10/8/2021 and 11/5/2021. NOTE–I believe there is a mistake in their filing as they reference the series A issue which has already been redeemed.

A4I mentioned the new series K this morning.

One thought on “Priority Income Fund Tee’s Up Series K and Calls Series E”

  1. And for our latest installment of Today in PRIF News, we have the following:

    Amended redemption:

    Tender offer:

    Annual report for RIC:

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