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Priority Income Fund Launches New Preferred Offering

Non publicly traded closed end fund Priority Income Fund has launched a new preferred stock offering.

The company which has vacillated between whether to sell a ‘perpetual’ preferred or a ‘term’ preferred has settled on selling a ‘term’ preferred this go round.

The company has 6 term preferreds currently outstanding with coupons of 6% to 7%. Additionally they have 1 perpetual issue with a 7% coupon which trades much weaker than the term preferreds.

The outstanding issues can be found here.

While the company has not stated that they intend to redeem the PRIF-D 7% term preferred (which becomes redeemable 3/31/2022) investors would do well to not over pay for this issue.

The new issue is rated BBB- by Egan Jones.

The announcement of the launch is here.

The preliminary prospectus can be found here.

EarlyBird pointed out this launch.

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