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New Horizon Technology Finance Baby Bonds Now Trading

I had a ‘what the hell’ moment as I looked to see that the new 4.875% baby bonds (HTFB) from Horizon Technology Finance (HRZN) were now trading.

I guess there is some desperation to own the 2026 maturity dated issue. It opened at $26. I see the bid/ask has settled down a bit to $25.50/$25.90—whatever–I love shorter dated maturities–but not this much.

6 thoughts on “New Horizon Technology Finance Baby Bonds Now Trading”

  1. Tim,
    Have been meaning to thank you for some time for all of the effort you invest in this great website! Your ideas as well as the members on the forum have assisted in uncovering opportunities to further research. One such example was TDSU which I was fortunate to acquire at $ 24.82 in late February-if it hadn’t been for your website I would have missed this one. Please keep up the good work.
    All the Best,

  2. Tim; I can truly relate to your “What the Hell” moment-LOL. I bought 6,409 shares of TDS+U back at $24.98 & $25.02 thinking it wouldn’t go too much over $25.50 or so……… Today its $26.90. Just goes to show you that when something pretty decent comes along you cannot take a half position or you will get “Left in the Dust”.

    1. I had also bought in TDS/PRU to accumulate a large position in high $24s (thanks to Tim and others on this board). Have been selling out a lot of it in $26.9-$27.1x past two days. Not to take these handsome profits, made in a few months would make me regret later!

      Hoping to buy in to the next decently priced new issue but trying not chase this HTFB like new baby bonds to $26 !

      1. mSquare–yes that TDS has risen a good buck higher than I was figuring it had in it. Oh well–I sold in the 26 area.

    2. Chuck P–I bought some of that TDS-U issue as well. Unfortuantely I took my 4% profit when available–and left that much on the table I guess. You are probably right–‘go big or go home’.

      1. Yes, me too: thanks to Tim and this board for a very profitable TDS-U trade.
        Today this was my last batch sale:
        Acquisition Date Liquidation Date Cost Price
        02/24/2021 04/07/2021 $24.81 $27.14

        That’s >9% in just over 1 month. Just wish I had bot a few more thousands….

        Hope we continue to harvest many of such successes due to this wonderful board, thanks again! Like Bill, if it was not for this board, I would probably not have done this. This is worth many coffees or bears on me.

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