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mREIT PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust Announces New Preferred Issue

Mortgage REIT PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT) has announced they will be selling a new issue of fixed rate perpetual preferred stock.

PMT has 2 fixed to floating rate preferreds currently outstanding which can be seen here. Neither issue is currently redeemable.

The permanent ticker will be PMT-C after the issue spends a few days on the OTC grey market (ticker not yet announced).

The preliminary prospectus can be found here.

Eugene was on top of this one and EarlyBird posits yield talk in the 6.75% – 6.875% area.

18 thoughts on “mREIT PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust Announces New Preferred Issue”

  1. Common has paid a $0.47 quarterly dividend for the last 3 quarters which is the rate of the pre-Covid dividend.

    Dividend was reduced to $0.25 quarter for Q1 2020 and then increased to $0.40 for Q2 2020 and then back to the pre covid level in Q3 2020

  2. “…yield talk in the 6.75% – 6.875% area” is a low coupon from what I consider a “Non-SWAN” company…

    I like the NYMT Preferreds at their coupon rate when purchased at a “lowish” price and from what I feel a slightly better company…



  3. It’s a good question Leo.

    But it’s a McReit and most a very opaque and very hard to measure or compare

    1. Leo – Just a suggestion, but I suspect you’d get more response if you formed your own opinion, stated your own case, then asked if anyone agrees or disagrees and why… you’ll also learn more and grow your knowledge base.

      1. 2whiteroses-Thanks for you suggestion. Because PMT-B is at $ 27 something, so I assume this new one will be a good one if we can get is around par .

        1. If PMT-B is $27.39 at 8%. Then this coming out at par would need to be 7.3%; but it’s not, it’s coming out at 6.75%.

          I don’t think PMT-B is going to go down to $25.33 to equal the new issue; but would the new issue go down to $23.32 to be equivalent to PMT-B?

          (without consideration of redemption times etc.)

        2. I probably won’t buy under 7% unless the price is low 24’s. The 8%ers were selling under par earlier this year and I’ not fully trusting the quick turnaround. Though I haven’t done a thorough analysis just basing it mostly on trends.

          1. I agree with you. I have owned PMT-B for some time but it is a different animal at 8% vs this new issue. The new issue has to be in the mid 24’s to peak any of my interest

    2. LEO; Here’s another suggestion in addition to 2 WhiteRoses which is a good one. Go to the companys Homepage and read literally everything on their site including the most recent quarterly and their latest annual report. If you find the numbers daunting then ask your CPA to take a look too. Then go to your brokerage and see if they have any research on the company itself. You can also head over to Yahoo Finance and look up some interesting stats on the company. Hope this helps.

          1. Yes. Justin. The two prior preferreds have been behaving very well. While the new preferred in mREIT is no SWAN, it is reasonably safe IMHO.

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