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Textainer Group Holdings Prices New Perpetual Preferred Issue

The new perpetual preferred stock issue from shipping container lessor Textainer Group Holdings Limited (TGH) has been priced.

The issue prices with a fixed rate coupon of 6.25%.

The issue is unrated, cumulative and qualified. The optional redemption period begins on 12/15/2026.

The issue trades immediately under the OTC grey market ticker TGHPV. This ticker will change in a day or two to a new OTC grey market ticker.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

11 thoughts on “Textainer Group Holdings Prices New Perpetual Preferred Issue”

        1. It’s not a destructive ROC so I don’t know why would I object to it. Most MLP preferred are the same.

          1. Ok… but why is it not destructive? Is their NAV steady or going up? It’s easier to see with CEFs. But- no income this year, and not destructive?
            ROC has use only in a taxable account, I imagine most are investing more in advantaged accounts.
            thanks for any more info-

  1. Was going to place a buy order for this at Fidelity. However, they are applying a $50 foreign security transaction fee to each trade.

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