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9 thoughts on “Morgan Stanley Prices Preferred Issue”

  1. Anybody on Fidelity find that the Morgan Stanley shares have still not been issued and both their history and account page reflect $0.00?

    1. Richard,

      E*Trade now shows the temp symbol as “MNSLL”. Before, it was “MNSLV”.
      Maybe Fidelity will recognize the new symbol.

  2. according to OTC Markets MNSLV:
    Warning! Grey Market securities are not traded on the OTCQX, OTCQB or Pink markets

    Broker dealers are not willing or able to publicly quote these securities because of lack of investor interest, company information availability or regulatory compliance.

    Delinquent SEC Reporting

    1. OTC shows this as pink now with current info. Not grey.
      EICPV still shows grey. So we have a glimmer of hope here for some preferred. I think I can buy pink no problem per the norm.

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