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Capital One Calls Preferred For Redemption

Capital One Financial (COF) has called their COF-G 5.20% preferred for 12/1/2021. There are 24 million shares outstanding.

Additionally they have called their COF-H 6.00% preferred for 12/1/2021 as well. There are 20 million shares outstanding.

Both issues are redeemable starting on the call date which is also the dividend pay date. Shares are only redeemable on a dividend pay date (relatively typical for a bank issue).

The press release is here.

Additionally Ken mentioned that the PNNTG PennantPark 5.50% baby bonds are to be redeemed on 11/13/2021. Here is the filing.

Lastly our favorite telephone number 8675309 notes that he/she has received notice that REIT DigitalBridge is doing a partial call of about 25% of shares on their 7.125% DRBG-H. The company announcement is here.

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