Markets Idle for the Holiday

With today being Martin Luther King day all markets in the U.S. are closed–so I guess we will have to leave the Canadian investors to themselves for today.

We will kick the week off tomorrow with the Tuesday morning kickoff.

3 thoughts on “Markets Idle for the Holiday”

  1. This is probably not to place to post this but could not find a contact spot. It appears that Ready Capital that you discussed recently, specifically RCB on the Master List at least appears to be mis-priced by approx. $5.00, $20+ instead of $26+. Apparently a typo.

  2. I think this site regularly has mid teen thousand regular users per day, and many compete for Tim’s time on this free site to analyze their portfolios and recommend adjustments, and or simply provide feedback on what they are doing.

    I’ll take a stab and say 20,000 unique users in the last month. That might be low balling it. 🙂

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