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Horizon Technology Finance Prices Baby bonds

Business development company Horizon Technology Finance (HRZN) has priced their new issue of baby bonds.

The issue prices at 4.875%.

The permanent ticker will be HTFB. Their will be no OTC grey market trading.

The SEC pricing paperwork has not been filed yet, but the company press release can be found here.

The company is selling 2 million shares (bonds) and I am sure they will sell them without problem–but I for sure will NOT be a buyer of this ridiculously priced issue. This is a BDC which is unrated and has $200 million in net assets. The risk/reward is downright silly. The best thing this issue has going for it is a maturity date in 2026–no doubt the only reason they would get pricing so low.

3 thoughts on “Horizon Technology Finance Prices Baby bonds”

    1. Steve:

      The 4.875% rate is beyond insane. Horizon gets 15% interest rates on its loans because it lends to the riskiest high-tech startups it can find.

      The BDC itself is selling at like a 20% premium to NAV.

      Margin of safety = “less than zero”.

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