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Headlines of interest

Below are some press releases from company’s with preferred stock or baby bonds outstanding – or in some cases just of general interest.

CTO Realty Growth Logo NO Ticker.jpg

CTO Realty Growth Reports First Quarter 2023 Operating Results


Wintrust Financial Corporation Announces Cash Dividends

Freddie Mac logo.jpg

The 30-year Fixed-rate Mortgage Continues to Inch Up


Pending Home Sales Decreased 5.2% in March

CHI logo_HiRes from Savers_transparent.png

Conifer Holdings Schedules First Quarter 2023 Earnings Conference Call/Webcast for May 11, 2023

Diana Shipping Inc. Announces Time Charter Contract for m/v Astarte With Reachy

Valley National.png

Valley National Bancorp Announces First Quarter 2023 Results


DTE Energy reports first quarter earnings and accomplishments


ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2023 Results

GasLog Partners Logo_Blue_RGB.jpg

GasLog Partners LP Reports Financial Results for the Three-Month Period Ended March 31, 2023 and Declares Cash Distribution

Brunswick Logo w Tagline_Midnight Blue (002).jpg

Brunswick Corporation Releases First Quarter 2023 Earnings

View Press Release

NuStar Energy L.P. Declares First Quarter 2023 Common Unit Distribution and Series A, Series B and Series C Preferred Units Distributions

View Press Release

Customers Bancorp Reports Results for First Quarter 2023

View Press Release

PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust Reports First Quarter 2023 Results

View Press Release

Redwood Trust Reports First Quarter 2023 Financial Results

View Press Release

The Hartford Announces First Quarter 2023 Financial Results

View Press Release

Axos Financial, Inc. Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2023 Results

View Press Release

Kemper Announces Schedule for First Quarter 2023 Earnings Release and Preliminary Results

View Press Release

Great Ajax Corp. Schedules Its First Quarter 2023 Financial Results Release For Thursday, May 4, 2023

View Press Release

Orchid Island Capital Announces First Quarter 2023 Results

12 thoughts on “Headlines of interest”

    1. TOP is a Chinese company. I know they have a big operation in Hong Kong. Even though I own companies in China (and HK).

      Even though I own companies in China and HK, I wouldn’t invest a penny in a publicly traded Chinese company (especially the ones trading on the western stock exchanges). Too much uncertainty about gov. policy (US and Chin), Too much “pump and dump”, Too many companies going public (bringing in US dollars) only to have Chinese policy “magically” change and tank the company.

  1. Janet “I’m monitoring the situation closely” yellen needs to be fired immediately

  2. RWT Surprised me, but still more of a higher risk than I would like. It reported investments in technology companies which I still have memories of from my investments in 2001

  3. Merchants Bancorp also delivered a solid first quarter with increased deposits relative to year end 2022 and earnings exceeded the first quarter of 2022 but not the fourth quarter of 2022. Like many banks in the last twelve months, it is increasingly relying on interest bearing deposits which is hurting margins but dividend coverage remains good.

  4. Gaslog mentioned in its press release that the new interest rate for B-preferred is 10.78% for the quarter ending 6/15/23. While they note that the B preferreds are now redeemable, they also report that they have been buying preferreds in the open market ($49 million/yr), which is a cheaper way to go. (They also repaid $321M of debt in the quarter.) Since the B was originally $100 million at the IPO, it would not surprise me to see a partial call at some point if the delisting “fear trade” posts end and B drifts back above par. DYODD.

    1. Since inception of the Repurchase Programme and up to April 27, 2023, GasLog Partners has repurchased and cancelled 665,016 Series A Preference Units, 1,103,618 Series B Preference Units and 938,955 Series C Preference Units at a weighted average price of $24.64, $25.01 and $25.03 per preference unit for Series A, Series B and Series C, respectively, for an aggregate amount of $67.6 million including commissions.

    2. RE: GLOP-A/B/C
      “In the three months ended March 31, 2023, there were no repurchases of preference units, due to an extended blackout period in relation to the Transaction.”
      Did the blackout period, and hence prohibition of repurchasing units, end when the merger agreement was signed by the board or is it extended until the Transaction has been completed, i.e. merger has been completed?

    1. CUBI reports a large increase in non interest bearing deposits but total deposits are down. Absent PPP, the earnings comparison is less clear but the cash flow coverage of preferred dividends is good. 🙂

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