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Earnings of Note

Business Development Company (BDC) Gladstone Investment (GAIN) announced earnings which can be read here. With shifting economics there is a strong need to keep up on financial results of your investments. The company has 2 issues of baby bonds with short dated maturity dates which can be seen here.

AMERCO (UHAL) announced their most recent earnings and the company continues to ‘coin’ money with revenues of $1.4 billion with net income of $281 million for the quarter. AMERCO has no preferreds or baby bonds outstanding, but does have notes available for purchase in the UHAUL Investors Club. While interest rates on their notes have fallen to a range of 1.5% for 2 year notes up to 2.75% 7 year notes I would anticipate they will begin to raise interest paid on newer notes as interest rates rise. Earnings can be found here.

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