Donation Capabilities Now Active

After a year or two of considering adding ‘donation’ capabilities I have now launched the donation page.

Donations are an alternative to advertising supported websites–which is what the old ‘Yield Hunter‘ website was, or to subscription based websites. Neither of these models are very attractive to me. Advertising takes up too much ‘real estate’ on the web page, while subscription limits the amount of participation in the commenting section and this is key (in my mind) to providing a needed exchange of ideas.

I have received a few donations already—I received one in the snail mail from a very generous individual and others from folks who somehow found my donation page before I announced it. I am hopeful that we will have strong participation in donations so that I can make some needed updates and expansions of the website. I have no idea at all if a ‘donation’ page can generate much money, but I guess we will find out.

The donation page has the capabilities to accept ‘one time donations’ or to accept monthly ‘recurring’ donations which seems to be a good option.

Note that the only information I receive is a name and a email address. Processing is through Paypal (and of course they take a processing fee).

Thanks in advance for everyone’s support–we have a great community of contributors.

93 thoughts on “Donation Capabilities Now Active”

  1. Excellent. Just a down payment as a donation for the moment, until the holiday expenses settle in. Your site and your efforts and your success in attractive great commenters are all very much appreciated!

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