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Thank You for All Donations

I want to thank those that have donated to the website account. It is truly gratifying to see that lots of folks find the site worthy of a donation.

Also thanks to those that have had a ‘glitch’ when trying to donate and all those that have the desire to donate, but are do not want to use the Paypal processing.

I will look into glitches and see what I can find out–this is new to me so I don’t have much experience troubleshooting.. For those wanting to donate, but don’t care for Paypal I will be in contact in the next couple of days with other potential options.

Note that I will keep the Donation note at or near the top of the page for a few days and then let it go away–maybe reviving on monthly or quarterly in the future.

10 thoughts on “Thank You for All Donations”

  1. Tim,

    Thanks for all you do, great website!

    Merry Christmas, and blessings to all in the New Year!


  2. Tim, My New Year’s resolution is to make a annual donation.
    Thanks for all the information you have shared and a big thank you to all the other followers who have shared since I started following you in 2012

    1. Charles – thanks for your generous donation – I think you were the 1st one back in November. Happy holidays to you.

  3. Tim. Do you have a Venmo account? If not I could send a check if u are able to provide an address. If you don’t want to publish that because of the preferred stock paparazzi you can send it to me at saschroepfer@gmail.com. Thanks for all the work you put into this resource. Scott

          1. Hi Tim – Venmo requests the last four digits of your phone number to confirm its the right person but it does allow you to bypass this and send it anyway.

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