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Did You Notice??

I have begun to move the ‘links’ to all the various spreadsheets and lists to the top of each page.

For instance if you ‘hover’ above ‘Preferreds’ at the top of the page lists will show up now. So this saves 1 click to get where you might be going.

This is an ongoing process to get all the links plugged into the right spot.

20 thoughts on “Did You Notice??”

  1. Tim, I am likely missing the obvious, but where are the $1000 preferreds like BAC-L and WFC-L? They are not on the master list so wasn’t sure if they were sequestered someplace. Thanks for your help and a great site!

  2. I did notice! This is a tremendous value-add. Thanks so much for your attention to detail Tim. Those saved clicks along with this more intuitive interface and fast screen loads (thanks to my 1 GIG internet plan) really add up over time for more efficient productivity.

  3. Good idea! I use pfd sorted by loss/gain most and that is my default clickin to your page on my Favorites.. I think Grid uses that as well a lot? it is the best thing which gives you a real feel for what is going on daily..

    today when I opened that and sorted by ‘losers’.. I see Ally is calling it’s 8.125% issue which I surmised by the huge loss.

    Anyway that is a good one sheet, Tim!! Bea

  4. I just noticed the Baby Bond drop down and said WHHhhhahhahhahaaaaaaat? 🙂 Very nice and thank you Tim

    1. Hi NWGG–hopefully is helpful. It is slow loading now because of 6-8 quotes coming from a slow source which should be fixed in the next week.

  5. Tim,
    Its great. I used it yesterday. But didn’t realized it was new until you pointed it out. DUH
    Like you say, its always a work in progress. I was looking for the fixed to floating and it wasn’t on the drop down so I had to do that one extra click, darn !
    Thank You for all your work

  6. four housekeeping purposes – you can update your master sheet (effective today)
    30days ago…
    Wells Fargo & Company Announces Full Redemptions of its Series O and Series X

  7. Thanks, for this and for all your work, Tim! This is quite the community, sir. You have my gratitude.

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