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Call Action Remains Fast and Furious

Some of the items I have seen on Reader Alert.

Telephone and Data Systems (TDS) has announced a call on their last outstanding baby bond. This is the TDA 5.875% baby bonds due 2061 (but redeemable since 12/2017. Press release is here.

NWGG posted that Aegon NV has called the AEB Floating Rate Capital shares which have been callable since 2010. These were floaters with a 4% minimum.

As noted by J the National Retail Properties NNN-F 5.20% perpetual will be called as the company has sold notes with the ‘use of proceeds’ announcing the upcoming call on this issue. The use of proceeds is here.

J and Dick Whitman posted on Ally Financial (ALLY) calling for the last of the 8.125% trust preferred to be redeemed. The effective date is 10/15/2021. The issue was trading up around $26.75 a couple days ago–not now–it is at $25.28. This one has been partially redeemed numerous times in the past so no surprise a full call comes.

With 4-5% issues being called it would look like we are going to be stuck playing in the junk patch–not what I want really, but you have to do what you have to do.

4 thoughts on “Call Action Remains Fast and Furious”

  1. You really need a donation link so we can buy you lunch once in a while. I realize you might think it is tacky asking but you just place it there, don’t advertise it, and let us decide. I am quite sure you won’t be paying for lunch for a while.

  2. J and Tim,

    Thanks for the reminder/heads up on the NNN-F call.

    I was hoping that they were going to let it roll on for a while…bummer

    As of today I sold out of it after years of divvy’s and a nice profit on the share value.


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