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Cleaning Up Comment Pages

Numerous months ago I quit deleting old comments because some wanted the history and the ability to look way back.

We have reached the point where there are so many comments on some pages i.e. Sandbox that I need to remove some to get some performance improvements. As it is the page has to load all of the comments–i.e. 1700 on the sandbox that it takes too long to load and this disrupts the ability to post new comments.

I will remove a limited number and see if that improves load times for all of us.

10 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Comment Pages”

  1. Tim,
    Didn’t know where to post this, but I saw you added LBRDP to your medium portfolio. However, it does not show in the “issues bot” section but shows in the “called” section?

    1. Hi dd–will fix–just an old man putting it in the wrong spot. I also hold this one in 1/2 position.

  2. Tim, thanks for your continued efforts. Does WordPress allow you easily to create a copy of a page? Those old comments are sometimes useful, so it would be nice to be able to preserve them as an obsolete/archive copy of the page (e.g. ‘Sandbox Page–2021Q3–Archive’). Admittedly an ugly hack, but if it’s easy to do maybe a thought.

  3. Things are much better. I noticed that when we are past 1,500 messages, things really slow down. I have a fiber link to my house and when the web pages are slow for me… they have to be painfully slow for everyone. The slowest part is when replying or creating a response. It appears that every character you type, it is trying to re-post the entire set of responses, which makes it really slow. Until you abstract the reply/post from the web page by using ajax, you will always have this.

  4. Thank you. At times it was impossible to post on that page as the captcha would just keep spinning

      1. I like this format because it is so casual and anyone can post easily but I will say that as the site grows this format probably won’t work long term. There is forum software more in line with the amount of conversation going on. The software just needs to be super simple to give the same feeling as this.

        I just know if I miss a few days in a row catching up with conversations here is quite difficult as people reply to different threads on different pages. To the point I kind of give up and just read the newest at the top.

        Thank you for all your efforts!

        1. Hi fc–I feel your pain. I tried a forum package a year or two ago and it was not well received. But am always on the lookout.

        2. The RSS feed works for me. I quickly scan new messages and delete or tag (save) or click to read further on the website.

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