BDC Runway Growth Finance Corp to Sell Baby Bonds

Business development company Runway Growth Finance Corporation (RWAY) has announced they will be selling a new issue of notes with a maturity date in 2027.

Runway Growth focuses on loans in the technology and life science sectors and has $762 million in assets as of 3/31/2022.

RWAY had a coverage ratio of almost 500% as of 3/31/2022 which is a very strong balance sheet for a business development company.

6 thoughts on “BDC Runway Growth Finance Corp to Sell Baby Bonds”

    1. Update: FINRA TRACE corrected this issue 7.5% due 7/28/2027, they initially had the incorrect information.
      Great works are performed, not by strength, but by one’s perseverance, Azure

  1. Financials look decent. Common stock pretty stable over 5 years. Common stock analysts are positive. Will be a term-dated offering. Potentially 7% plus. Looks interesting

  2. How is that coverage ratio calculated and what are the important metrics for the BDC which should be taken into consideration? Thanks

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