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Added “New Issues” Page

In the past I have published the ‘new issue’ spreadsheet that I keep. I have now put a tab on the top of the page for “New Issues” which will take you to the page anytime you desire to look at at.

The page is here.

I update this page on a regular basis, but there will be times that newer quotes will not appear–when the issue transitions from the OTC to the permanent exchange etc.  Also new issue baby bond quotes take a few days to start showing up because the quote providers are slow to get their databases updated.

21 thoughts on “Added “New Issues” Page”

  1. Tim, I am somewhat new to this site, but you do a wonderful job and offer a valuable service. This new issue tab is great!

  2. New Issue: Merchants Bancorp (MBIN)
    $100mm (4mm $25 par securities)
    Expected Ratings: BBB+ Egan Jones ( * )
    6.25% area

    1. They currently have a 6% that is trading at $25.70. Their 7% is at $27.19 when I checked a few minutes ago. My gut tells me it will be less than 6%.

    1. Thanks EB–I posted this one 2 weeks ago–but I know they always take weeks between a preliminary and final pricing.

  3. Thanks Tim,
    I find myself searching a little after your mention a new issue or its put up on Reader Alerts.
    Currently I haven’t found much to interest me with the lower Interest offered or the higher risk issues, but I am sure that will change

      1. Indeed, Tim! The usefulness of your site continues to increase at a steady pace. I stop here at least once a day, and this handy spreadsheet makes it that much easier to follow new issues. Thanks for your hard work.

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