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A Little Of This and a Little of That

Just a few items of note.

As some have noted–Textainer Group Holdings 7% reset preferred (TGH-A) is transitioning today to the NYSE from the OTC grey market. As such you may be having ticker issues. They will resolve tonight I think–my eTrade shows 0 (zero) value today on my position.

WR Berkley (WRB) has made an official call on the WRB-D issue of 5.75% baby bonds per J earlier today. Call date is 6/1.

I made note early today that the Ally Financial 8.125% fix-to-floating trust preferred (ALLY-A) (originally from GM) is going to be at least partially called–date not announced according to the ‘use of proceeds’ statement in the new $1000 reset preferred the company is selling.

J noted early today that the new Brookfield BPR Holdings 4.625% baby bonds were ready to trade and I see they are trading now at $24.94 under ticker BEPH.

3 thoughts on “A Little Of This and a Little of That”

  1. Watching the market today is like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. Nothing I own is moving. I can’t stop watching because the fireworks could start at any time

    1. Martin–when you glance at your accounts and see moves of a buck for the entire account you know things are ‘slow’.

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