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What a Great Bunch of Stories

Over on the Sandbox page there has been a great exchange of ‘stories’ today–on retirement and life in general.

Of course that is what the Sandbox is–stories on whatever. Thanks all for contributing.

5 thoughts on “What a Great Bunch of Stories”

  1. Love the associations, comments that make me consider, training I have gleaned and real aid I have received here. This is a good use of social media! Seems most folks are doing the right thing everyday, just doin’ the work. We are much more similar and united than the scare tactics propose.

    1. sandbox, have to scroll down started about 9/8
      I feel exactly like that. A kid in the sandbox and looking in awe at my peers. I wish I had seen this 20 yrs ago. Good things come with the internet.
      Thanks again everyone for sharing.

  2. Imagine how much more useful it would be if it was stored on a message board and could be looked up and added to by others in the future, instead of disappearing within a few days under the pile of new comments and probably being purged from existence within a month. Sorry but I have to but in another two cents for a message board.

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