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For the 2nd time in 2 days the website was down for 4-6 hours. This time I was working on the site at 6:46 am this morning when it went down–no word from the hosting company for hours after that, until a note came 3 hours later.

I understand that they may have maintenance needs, BUT the Sunday outage was ‘planned’ and no notice was given–if they would have let me know I would have posted a warning on the outage. The Monday outage was not planned–stuff happens.

Chad (who handles the tech end of things) has other hosts available, but for now I will stick with our smaller, local host–but if this happens again I will have to strongly consider a move.

9 thoughts on “Website Outage”

  1. Th outage made me appreciate your site even more. Couldn’t think of another site that I wanted to check on a morning like this. Thanks again for the work you’ve done to develop such a great source of intelligent information.

  2. Strange. I posted a comment in reader initiated alerts before the outage (and before market open), was even able to edit it. But now I don’t see it. Not a big deal. It was just about a crazy big bid/ask spread on CTA-B. Bid was 101.01 and ask was something like 4700.00. That’s like a 1000 years of dividends.

  3. Tim ….everyone’s website had a jolt .”.’ . today over load with traders . question ..?? sell.. on ex-div or pay-day is better…

  4. I think stuff like this just happens from time to time.

    Fidelity and Schwab had technical difficulties today with the number of people logging due to the volatility

    1. Jacob–I have high expectations–it does happen, but years ago-2006–when I had my first website hosted by Yahoo I don’t think I ever had a outage of more than 5 minutes. Part of my issue is that the outage on Sunday, according to their note, was planned, but no notice was ever given to me–would seem like an easy solution to blast an email to site owners letting us know in advance.

      Thanks for your patience.

      1. You make a very good point. We should have notified everyone of the planned upgrade. We had postponed it twice due to a desire to recheck everything and when the engineer was ready to go this time we forgot that email step. It was an error we will not repeat.

        Again, our sincere apologies for both outages. We will do our utmost to prevent this in the future.

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