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Website Changes

I made a number of website changes and all seem good except for the ‘dislike’ button. I would say the majority of folks are not fans of the dislike button–some are fine with it.

With further thought I am not sure what ‘dislike’ adds to the overall value so I am going to have Cory remove the ‘dislike’ button (at least for now).

26 thoughts on “Website Changes”

  1. I use Mozilla on a Windows 10 PC and I cannot see the ‘Like’ hyperlinks. Anyone else have the same issue?

    On the same PC if I use Microsoft Edge (which I prefer not to), I do see the Like hyperlinks

  2. Tim, I am not sure if there is a better place to ask this, but could you add MINDP to the master list please? If it is there, I missed it–wouldn’t be the first time. Thanks.

  3. I am sad to see the Dislike button go. At other sites, I am interested in any post that has a higher number of either Likes or Dislikes.

    Having *only* a Like button has some value, but more often provides opportunity for confirmation bias. We miss the chance for more input from people.

    Tim’s site is a wonderful site, and I am sorry that we have lost the chance to make it better.

    If you disagree, I hope you will use the Dislike button while you have the chance.

    1. Bill–I am pondering something different–such as ‘disagree’–might be more reasonable.

      1. Disagree would be good and useful.

        I for one, not opposed to a ‘Dislike’ too – it would be useful to dislike some posts with obvious political biases or just rude name calling rather than Investing.

        As many here dislike a dislike button (makes them think FB?), perhaps you could consider ‘avoid on this blog’ button for posts that do not belong here?

      2. Hi Tim,

        A “Thanks” button might be cool and may have less clutter on posts. It would be cool if you could add your handle, so the person knows who is thanking. I guess that would require a pop-up menu with an input line for your handle.

        Disagree seems like a good idea. Again, I don’t know if there could be a pop-up that activates with the following choices;

        too risky
        too conservative
        too overvalued
        too undervalued
        need additional info

        If someone chooses the “other” choice then the system could make them put a short reply as to why. This way, users may understand the feedback a bit better.

        I guess an easier way is if there is a dislike or disagree button selected, then the system makes the user comment as to why they disagree.

      3. If someone hits “disagree”, but then doesn’t comment on why they disagree, I don’t think it is helpful.

      4. A ‘disagree’ button by itself does nothing to explain why you disagree with a post or comment. You would still have to hit reply to state your reasons. And if you’re not gonna state your reasons, what’s the point?

        So does that not make a ‘disagree’ button superfluous? For example, would it have made any difference if I had hit a ‘disagree’ button before writing this post?


        1. Most of my “dislikes” were for comments that I thought were just noise or chitchat. If I comment to that effect, I’m contributing to the problem 🙁

      5. As Camroc noted – a ‘disagree’ button by itself does nothing to explain why you disagree with a post or comment. When one disagrees, one should make a post explaining their reasoning. That is the point of having discussions

        And again – for all those of us who use a RSS Feed reader to read comments – no one sees any of that anyway

  4. Tim –
    Speaking of website changes, a few of us would be very appreciative if you could add a discussion area for institutional bonds. Thanks, and we do realize you’ve got a bunch of improvements you’d like to implement.

  5. Yup, made my thoughts known right at the beginning. Good move to remove it.


  6. Howard; You are 100% right on the mark. I will just add this: Like Jack Nicholson said in the movie “You Can’t Handle the Truth”. Glad Tim is discontinuing it as it served no fruitful purpose.

  7. Tim, that is a wise decision. Readers were ‘disliking’ commenters stating FACTS ! ( also, you could like/dislike your OWN comment ).

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