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Watching Paint Dry Awaiting News

Just like most days last week stock markets aren’t really moving much at all—up a tiny amount and down a tiny amount.

I guess that there are fair odds that this week will remain quiet, at least until Thursday when we will see some inflation numbers in the form of the personal consumption expenditures (PCE).

The 10 year treasury yield is falling today – off 7 basis points to be trading around 4.40%. This might be giving preferreds and baby bonds the tiniest of gains–more green than red, but maybe just an average move of a nickel or a dime. Looking down the list I see a handful of issues moving 2-4%–but in the world of illiquid stocks this happens every day.

My accounts are up .1% today–like everything, some up, some down. I am fine just ‘cashing’ dividend and interest checks–capital gains are simply gravy.

2 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry Awaiting News”

  1. Yep, pretty quiet. I have just been adding a few shares here and there to some starter positions, pretty low on dry powder right now. I do have a 4.25% 1 yr 25K CD maturing next week, hoping to roll it into a 2 yr at least 1% higher, we’ll see.

    1. Finding something north of your 5.25% minimum for a 2 year term may be a challenge. Was just checking around on brokered CDs. There are several 2 year callables available at 5.3%. The best 2 year non-callable CD I saw was a 5.1% monthly payer from Wells Fargo. Wells also has an 18-month monthly payer at 5.2%.

      FYI – The competition – The 2-year Treasury auction went off a 4.887% today. There’s a 1 year auction tomorrow. Current 1-year rate is ~5.286%.

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