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Triton International Prices New Preferred Issue

Shipping container lessor Triton International (TRTN) has priced the previously announced new preferred stock offering.

The company has priced 7 million shares at a coupon of 5.75%.

This issue is rated BB by S&P–this is a 1 notch upgrade from previous issues. Fitch rates this issue BB-

This issue will trade immediately under OTC grey market ticker TTRNV. Look for this temporary ticker to change in a day or two.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

2 thoughts on “Triton International Prices New Preferred Issue”

    1. The issue is SEC registered and will trade on the NYSE and will have a US transfer agent. It will not have a foreign fee when it has a permanent ticker and should not have one now. In my experience, mostly at Vanguard, they correct the foreign fee error on temp ticker “foreign” issues before the trade settles.

      No guarantee about your broker.

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