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Triple Net Lease REIT American Finance Trust Prices New Preferred–Update

UPDATE–OTC grey market ticker is same as permanent ticker AFINO

Smaller triple net lease REIT American Finance Trust (AFIN) has priced their new preferred issue. The issue prices at 7.375%.

The issue is cumulative, but not qualified. There is no rating on the issue.

No grey market ticker has been assigned although one should be assigned shortly.

The pricing term sheet can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Triple Net Lease REIT American Finance Trust Prices New Preferred–Update”

  1. CUSIP?
    What happened to the sheet image?? It was there a couple minutes ago.
    Trading? Or the 18th?

  2. 3.2 MM units (+ 480 K), settlement date is Friday, I don’t see a ticket or Cusip. I am interested, presently holding the AFINP, added some recently when it dipped to 24.

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