18 thoughts on “Athene Holding LTD Prices New Preferred Issue”

  1. I bought 200 shares of ATHDF today, but Schwab shows the holding as a bond, categorized it under a bond, and gave it a value of zero.

    Am now waiting on the phone for explanation from their customer service.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Update: They say its a feed problem, and should be cleared up in a day or so. Hope that’s the case.

      1. Still showing ATHDF as a Bond. But the price quote & market value seems to be correct.

          1. Also, I don’t think Fidelity is adding in the $50 fee anymore. Perhaps that might’ve been related to the CUSIP change.

    1. Inspy, I am seeing the same issue in an E*Trade account. Are you still seeing a zero value for your position?

      1. TDAmeritrade is reporting that it’s now trading under its permanent symbol, ATH-D. Correspondingly, I can find a quote for ATH.PR.D on MarketWatch as expected. Apparently E* hasn’t caught up yet…

      2. Bur,

        Schwab is now reporting it under its symbol ATH.PRD. And the price quote is correct.

        I’m sure E*Trade will catch up with the other brokerage houses in due time.

  2. ATH A, B, and C don’t have any such charges. Hopefully they go away for you thru that platform

  3. I fought with Schwab to get the symbol set up this morning. Should be working now. No commission.

    I bought a full position.

  4. i bought a small amount at ameritrade
    just the normal 5 dollar charge for using the otc grey market symbol

    1. This is for each trade! So if buying buy in a single trade rather than legging-in with multiple orders.

      They call it ‘Estimated Foreign Settlement Fee’ – Highway robbery to charge for each trade rather than whole day worth of trades…

      Bought some on TOS and they charge a more reasonable $6.95 commission as OTC

        1. Did anyone manage to call them and get this fee waived fully or even partially? Especially if charged multiple $50 for multiple trades on same day?

        2. Should not be paying a foreign fee. This is going to be a NYSE listed issue. It should not have been branded a foreign issue by OTC.

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