Ticker Changes for the New Year

REIT Senior Housing Property Trust has changed their name to Diversified Healthcare Trust (DHC) and as such their tickers for baby bonds will be changed. I will be updating all the various lists and security detail pages today sometime. mikeo picked this change up.

Also Zions Bancorporation (ZION) has moved their listings for their preferred stocks and baby bond from NASDAQ to the NYSE so there are preferreds and baby bond tickers that I will be updating in the next day to reflect the new exchange.

12 thoughts on “Ticker Changes for the New Year”

  1. So why is JMPNZ trading at so much higher yield than JMPNL? This predates the symbol change.

    1. Yes If you Prefer–I have most of those updated, but am still in process for some.

  2. This ticker change was TOTALLY mismanaged by SNH/DHC. Not surprising since the Portnoy’s are held in low regard as far as REIT managers go.

    SHNHL was changed today to DCHNL. Apparently the Portnoy’s FORGOT to tell the NYSE market maker. So the bid/ask limits were totally messed up. At one point, I screen shotted an ask price of $199,999. This should NEVER happen during regular trading hours. It closed last Tuesday at $25.87 and traded as high as 28.07 today. There were many smaller lots that traded even higher. Totally hosed some investors somewhere.

    1. Tex – in my past I have invested with groups run by the Portnoy’s and will never do that again. I won’t even touch any of their baby bonds, based on the history of the company. Overall, their investments do not turn out well and better off just avoiding.

      1. I would second Kaptain Lou’s remark of avoiding anything involving the Portnoys.

        Their target is to increase AUM ( assets under management ) as they get compensated from that metric, they don’t care much about runaway debt, or share dilution, etc. Definitely their motivation is at odds with what shareholders expect.

        Used to own securities that I quickly sold when I discovered the Portnoys were involved.

        1. Inspbudget – fortunately I got out of their companies without a major loss, but investors really need to look a their track record. For example, they can look at the 10 year chart on SNH (now DHC). REITs have had an incredible rally over the past 10 years and the Portnoys managed to turn a $20 stock into one that is now selling for $7.90.

    1. Georges–they are an investment bank–and honestly not a very profitable one. Their baby bonds are ok, but I would never own their common shares.

  3. JMP moved their baby bonds to the NYSE also. Don’t know if you mentioned this before. New tickers are JMPNZ, and JMPNL.

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