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Thanks to All Who Donated During 2023

When I first thought about how to pay for the not inconsequential overhead costs of running a 5000 page website I was kind of skeptical about supporting the cost with ‘donations’. Certainly some websites operate on donations, but we are fairly specialized here on Innovation Income Investor which means that our appeal is more limited than a website with broadly based security coverage.

I was wrong about doubting the generosity of people supporting our website. Kind of like some of my interest rate predictions folks have proven me wrong. Since December 2022 (when the donation page was launched) we have had donations of all sorts – from just a few dollars to $100’s of dollars and everyone of them is appreciated. We even have some folks who send a check every month to our P.O. Box. Some of the ‘paper checks’ we receive in the mail even have nice notes in them – I really appreciate that we have folks that do not participate in commenting etc., but who are newer to preferreds and baby bonds and who find value in the comments that all our ‘experts’ (not me) post.

The donations received come in very handy–in fact December is when the tech folks start sending the bills for basic operations for 2024–$1,400 which is just to keep operating online. Everyone wants a little ‘taste’ nowadays–I even have to pay for the ‘like/dislike’ button (not much fortunately). A couple weeks ago I received a note from my tech folks for their ‘retainer sale’–so I will invest some money there since security issues are kind of an ongoing thing and believe me no one does anything for less than a couple hours of billable time–when I call them I know that $200-$500 is gone in a flash. I currently pay $115/hour for the tech support.

Just to let everyone know I do not even know who gives what in support of the website. My wife takes care of that stuff and of course everyone comments on the website with ‘screen names’ so we have ‘screen names’, ‘real names’, ’email addresses’, etc. – there is no one here trying to match donations with ‘screen names’.

So THANK YOU TO ALL–to donors, commentors and even lurkers. The most important part of the website is YOU–without you all it wouldn’t be worth the effort operating this website. After 17 years of publishing this (or predecessor sites) kind words and comments make it all worthwhile!!

34 thoughts on “Thanks to All Who Donated During 2023”

  1. Tim,
    This is such a treasure, the commentary, insights and experiences of the contributors is excellent. A question (or request), when I try to search past commentary for specific tickers mentioned previously, I get a random result in time created, sometimes clicking on it doesn’t get me to that ticker. Are there better ways to search? I use the search on the upper right side of the page. Also can you search on a specific contributor? Again thanks for all of what you do. This website is a gem!

    1. If you use a newsfeed reader, you can search in your feed for more recent things (someone else mentioned that recently). that works, but only for things within the time range your reader covers.

  2. Thank you Tim! And 2 suggestions/requests:

    1) To remove barriers for potential donors, please re-post the mediums via which donations can be made, and,

    2) Please confirm my upcoming donation exceeds Grid’s by at least $1. 😊

    Thank you for a great year Tim!

    1. Hi Alpha–will do. Make it big if you want to out do Grid (just kidding–I have no idea).

  3. Thanks Tim for the site. I contribute when I can (mainly to be the antithesis argument for those too good to be true ideas). It probably stems from some salty and bitter comments with some SA authors that have some tools to suppress the contrarian views.
    I know that it takes up a ton of time, and it will provide a great transition for you when you retire.
    Great minds, great people, great content/discussion and ideas. Here is to even a better 2024.
    By the way… where is the snow in Minnesota? Been here 24 years and… trying to remember when there wasnt a white Christmas.

    1. Mr. Conservative thanks for the comment. There must be some snow ‘up north’ – certainly on the Canadian border (just guessing). But the foreecast is 48 on Christmas eve so looks like we will have a brown Christmas.

  4. Thank you! Just added a token to your “treasury” – great site! I got here, I believe due to a link in a comment section on SA. Was trying to learn preferreds and BBs better and this was exactly what the doctor ordered. Great community here too, with you being the Grand Poo-Bah!

  5. Tim, thank you for all you do, also a thanks for all the people, who like you, un selflessly share their investing knowledge on this great site. I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and or Happy Holidays.

    1. Thanks John – certainly I love it and I hope everyone contributing their knowledge enjoys their participation.

  6. Thanks Tim for all the great years following you. I don’t comment much. You have some of the most knowledgeable members on here that really know bonds and preferreds.
    I really enjoy you posting what you invest in, I often buy some of what you buy. I’m 73 and just trying to get a 6 % return and not take too large a risk with my principal.
    This is always my first stop in the morning to read your latest comments. Thanks

  7. Tim,

    Thanks for all you do leading and facilitating this site!

    Blessings to you and your…


  8. Hi, Tim. RandyK here. I was on your site a long time ago when you were first setting it up. I had the audacity to proofread all of the new spreadsheets you were creating and email you corrections, additions, etc. and you never seemed to mind. You seem just as open-minded and appreciative of your readers as ever and have not let any of this go to your head over the years.
    I lost track of you when you went “commercial” a while back and rediscovered the renewed, independent you last year. So happy to back in the fold and have a few things I would like to post next year.
    Thanks to you and ALL of the quality folks on the site. As we say in Minnesota, “Have a great rest of your day/year”! (And yes, we moved to Duluth last year and Minnesota nice is a real thing.)

    1. Hi Randy–glad to have you in Minnesota–I was perusing Duluth real estate yesterday (online) just curious how the city was doing. We normally get there once or twice a year, but lately have skipped because the canal hotels have gotten so expensive. Glad to have you back in the ‘fold’.

  9. Thank you Tim for all that you do!
    I don’t comment much but I ‘m reading here ever day. It’s a pleasure to make $$ contributions.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family

    1. Bigbear–90% of all folks here don’t comment, but I do hear from many of them through donations I am sure (don’t know for sure). I appreciate having folks of every type here. My dad used to use the old saying on us kids alot – ‘you learn more by listening than talking’.

  10. Thank you, Tim. This site is a great repository for ideas, wisdom, and the occasional laugh. Best regards and hopes for the coming years.

  11. Tim-
    I agree with other members here- You make the site the best online.
    I stop here first thing, throughout the day and sometimes in the evening. III has helped me in so many ways, even though I have been investing for ~ 35 years.
    Thank you, and everyone here. Happy holidays and a prosperous, healthy 2024 to all.
    Donation complete.

    1. So glad you are getting value Gary–certainly you are here enough to bring more value to the site.

  12. Tim:

    “The most important part of the website is YOU–without you all it wouldn’t be worth the effort operating this website. After 17 years of publishing this (or predecessor sites) kind words and comments make it all worthwhile!!”

    I have to disagree – the most important part of the website is YOU. Can’t thank you enough for all you do for our “income focused” community.

    Here is proof in the pudding. The behemoth preferred index PFF is still 22% below its all-time high, yet many of the posters in this community (including myself) have their income portfolios currently valued at all-time highs. And I take withdrawals from the income I earn from my portfolio every month to pay all my bills! Can there be any more proof to the incredible value of the information on this website than that?

    I guess I do have one question. You mentioned recently that you are in your 70s….any chance you are grooming a successor to take over III if you ever decide to retire?

    Happy Holidays to you and your family and once again thanks for all you do!

    1. Hi Kid–thank you for your comment. I am just 70–so if I have it my way I will be publishing for a long while. It is tough to groom a successor when money is not involved. Right now I am sure I am spending 30 hours a week on site–not a ‘job’ someone really wants unless you have the ‘passion’–I love it. Happy Holidays to you as well.

  13. Thanx so much for everything these 17yrs, Tim. I was sad when Yield Hunter was sold and glad when you started this site, I promote III as much as possible. I always say ‘go to Tim’s site’ w link and ‘the best discussions are on III! ‘ The pfds sorted by alpha/losers is my 1st stop of the day here, my bookmark. Yield hunter helped me develop my interest in Canadian names too. Oh those old Canroys and Income Trusts! Made some great financial social media friends here as well. 50yrs of investing, learn something almost every day. Running your own money, you can’t be complacent, you snooze you lose in this fast changing world. Health, wealth and happiness to all in 2024 and beyond. ( I ‘Like’ quite a bit, wow didnt know that ‘costs’ you!! omg..what a world!! )

  14. Thanks Tim…I just sent in my donation from a cruiseship 150 miles north of South America….you are providing a valuable service to all fixed income investors….thanks…Craig in Walker

    1. Wow Craig–thank you. Hope you have a great cruise–probably a good time for one if you are in Walker–here is the south land (of Minnesota of course) the weather is so, so mild this year. We try to time a week to warmth in late January or early February to give this old dog ‘hope’ that spring will come eventually.

  15. Tim, we are all thankful for your dedication to excellence and caring about this III community. I am truly humbled by how incredible the prodigious information is shared here and I personally want to thank you. Giving donations allows all of us to show appreciation for all the hard work you have done and continue to do on our behalf. Please, if any of you are able, consider a donation to keep this site without advertising and being run so diligently.
    Happy Holidays, Azure

    1. Azure–thank you for your kind words. This site will never had advertising (been there done that) nor will it be sold–ever.

  16. Thank you for the service you provide Tim.

    BTW, ARKBL and GREEL have been paying interest on their bonds. Bitcoin miners are currently back in a better place. On your sheet, it says GREEL is still suspended.

    A few of us who picked up those issues at $1 are very happy for the holidays.

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