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New ‘Laundry List’ Page Posted

I took some time this weekend to create a new “Laundry List” of my holdings–now in spreadsheet format with notes.

As I have mentioned too many times we all invest differently and have so many different needs, resources etc. etc. etc. so my list is just meant for information purposes–nothing more.

My brain always goes back to ‘suitability’ – none of us knows what is ‘suitable’ for any given investor. This stems from my year with Dean Witter Reynolds (bought by Morgan Stanley) way back in 1994 or 1995 when I had a disagreement with management you might say–I wanted to sell ‘suitable’ investments and they wanted me to push the higher commission products–we all know how that ended (I don’t screw people – there is not enough money in the world for that to happen).

The new page is here. I will update the links in the menu.

12 thoughts on “New ‘Laundry List’ Page Posted”

  1. With you on CUBI-E (heavy) MBINO XFLT-A SPNT-B CHSCN a different version of LAND, and a few fixed income (15%). Heavy into REIT preferreds as that’s been my bread and butter for arb trades and defaults have been scarce (knock on wood). And several more bank preferreds since the spring panic. Trading metals too which is a different animal.

    1. Martin – for whatever reason I don’t own much in REITland. I am trying to get over that way, but I guess I have a blind spot there (not the first one I have had).

  2. Interesting about DWR! I interviewed w a few firms senior yr of college building on my degree and passion for the markets from teen years; one told me to go sell sweepers door to door for a year and another gave me a white pages and said start calling people and sell something! ‘Training’ in 1980! The tough employment market in the 1980’s took me in several directions not brokerage. I am glad because I did not lose my love of investing. and decided also to pursue my MBA which ended up being paid for by PNC’s employee education benefit.

    So refreshing to read about someone with principles!! Yes suitable! very important for sure.

    1. Bea–I can’t speak about the current environment but back in the 1990’s it was no place for a ‘women’ – pretty darned sexist place. After 20 years with Pillsbury it was a bit of culture shock where we were hammered all the time on discrimination issues etc.

      1. yes the 80’s were worse I guess, but a little progress each year it seemed. I lucked into a job at PNC as a junior in college with a woman mentor who was 2nd in charge of Bankamerica/Visa pgm, and it gave me a leg up. PNC was pretty on top of promoting/hiring women. I did security analysis for them for a few years till MBA then moved on. Actually worked w a female controller as asst thereafter she was brilliant and went on to be CFO of a telecom co; we developed a large local church based retirement community w Arthurs Lestrange here who marketed our Junk Bonds for the development -which paid 13-14-16% for various maturities. Those guys didnt like having to liaison with ‘those women’ but the Rev. in charge of the community was ever grateful.

        Luck and mentors sure play a part in a lot of our lives, we are lucky to have YOU! sorry to junk up the feed with my musings lately, this is a hard time of year for me and the old saleswoman in me takes over and I get chatty!!

        I have the LBRDP too, Bridgewater and trade some others, good luck!!

        1. Bea–I love the ‘musings’ – I am sure most of us here have lots of them – so a few here and there is welcome.

          1. Musings like yours, Bea, is one of the things that sets Tim’s site apart and makes us more of a community….. Count me in…..

            1. Thanks 2wr–it is really a community of mostly similar folks – able to have cordial/civil disagreements.

  3. Tim, funny you mention Dean Witter Reynolds. I had an acquaintance who was one of the Reynolds. He told me his family wanted him to go into the family business, instead when he finished school he went into teaching. When Doc retired, he ended up starting a nonprofit collecting used braille books and shipping them overseas to schools in other countries. Great guy

    1. Charles–sounds like someone who had their priorities straight–I’m a uber capitalist, but appreciate those that feel a different calling.

      1. Monte knew how to be a capitalist. He said it was difficult to send books to a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia but he had an in knowing the king from his school days. Told me he sometimes slipped in a few playboy magazines in with the shipments. He was a character.

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