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Thank You to All Donors!!

A BIG thank you to all have donated to the website since last Thursday and to those who donated before I even solicited donations.

I am grateful to find that so many folks – whether they be regular commenters or whether they are normally lurkers, but chose to donate.

I have posted the snail mail address on the donation page for those who would prefer to use that manner for donating.

6 thoughts on “Thank You to All Donors!!”

  1. Hi Tim–got it. Thank you very much. All the confirms should go out today from Paypal

  2. I donated and saw an earthlink.net email. Earthlink….still exists??? Maybe I need to donate more. $10 more than Grid at least.

  3. Tim, Can you please confirm I donated at least $1 more than my friend Grid? hahahahahaha.

    1. Alpha, please tell me the rumor isnt true. That not only you donated a dollar more than me, but you also bought Tims website and are turning it into a subscription based model!😂

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