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Southern Banker Hancock Whitney Corporation Announces New Subordinated Notes

Banker Hancock Whitney (HWC) has announced a new $25 subordinated note issue.

The issue will be an investment grade issue—BBB- by Standard and Poors and Baa3 by Moodys.

The issue will have a permanent ticker on the NASDAQ market of HWCPZ when it finally begins to trade. No OTC grey market trading will take place, but when the CUSIP is known you can call your broker if you want to get it before exchange trading.

The company has 1 other baby bond outstanding with a coupon of 5.95%–it can be seen here. It becomes callable next month (6/15/2020).

The preliminary prospectus can be read here.

EarlyBird, If You Prefer and George M were all on top of this new issue.

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