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Sometimes the Shortest Comments are the Best

HankLA posted a comment today in the Reader Initiated Alerts page which was very short today–

Bridgewater Bancshares is trading, BWBBP

With this little note I know some of you folks picked it up at a reasonable price (unfortunately I wasn’t one of them).

Shortly thereafter I posted a short note that the issue was now trading. Then shortly after – ‘blastoff’– from $25.10 all the way to $26.50.

A big THANK YOU to HankLA for the heads up – a lot of folks owe you a steak dinner I think.

Anytime I post something it immediately goes out to about 2,000 folks (that I know of)–more when those that are using a RSS feed are counted. I wouldn’t have caught the start of trading without the input Hank and everyday the 1000’s of pairs of eye balls keeping an eye on the market for items like this keep us all up to speed.

22 thoughts on “Sometimes the Shortest Comments are the Best”

  1. Thanks to 2WR and A4I for outlining the Feedbro and Outlook RSS message options. Both were easy to set up, but so far, anyway, neither one shows reader comments – only the main articles.

    I’ve spent a little time fiddling with each of them to try to see comments, with no success. As a relatively new III user, I’ve found a great deal of value in the reader comments to the new articles – my routine is to open the Sandbox page (for example) using Chrome and then do a CTRL+F (find) for today’s date (“08/19”) to locate today’s comments. It’s not fancy, but it works.

    Can someone please confirm that either Feedbro or the Outlook RSS feed can be configured to include reader comments? (I suspect it will be Feedbro that supports comments, but without confirmation of same I’m a little reluctant to spend any more time delving into the details.)

    Thank you!

    1. Uh oh.. I hope I haven’t set myself up to be considered a feedbro expert because not only am I not one, it’s been so long since I set it up on Firefox for use with III that I can’t even attempt to try to instruct you on how to do it now… A4I, take it from here… lol…. What I can tell you is I use it only for III and I have both “III Comments,” obviously to feed comments as they come in, and “Innovative Income Investor,” for Tim’s new articles, set up as two different topics. I can’t even figure out how to recreate what I did, so I’m useless…. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.. It sure is handy though, probably even handier than I know when you dig into it more.

      1. 2WR – Thank you for responding! The fact that it *can* be done is enough to make me spend some time looking into it. If I can figure it out, I’ll try to document the process and share the results.

      2. 2WR – it turns out that getting comments via Feedbro is a fairly straightforward process. Once you’ve installed the Feedbro extension (I happen to be using Chrome) the first thing is to navigate to the III RSS page:


        Then, click the RSS badge (located up by the URL, top right in my browser) and click on “Find Feeds In Current Tab”. Click on “Subscribe” in the resulting dialog box. This should subscribe you to III articles in the so-called “Root” directory. (Takes me back to my MS-DOS days!).

        Next, navigate to another folder on III – I selected “Reader Initiated Alerts”:


        Then click again on the Feedbro RSS badge. Click on “Open Feed Reader”. This will bring up a dialog box that will allow you create a new folder; I called mine “Reader-Initiated-Alerts Comments”. Close out of this dialog box / window. Then go back up to the RSS badge and click “Find Feeds In Current Tab”. This will bring up another dialog box with three radio buttons (check boxes). Select all three, then tell Feedbro to store these in “Reader-Initiated-Alerts Comments” (rather than Root), then click “Subscribe”.

        I’ve done this in both Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge browser, and it seems to work pretty well. I’ll spend more time with the project to fine-tune it, but that’s the basic approach.

        Thanks again for suggesting Feedbro, and thanks to our host Tim McPartland as well for making all of this possible.

        1. Whew! Glad you didn’t need me to figure it out…. lol… Now I’m going to copy and paste your findings for future reference just in case I want to use feedbro for something other than what I’ve already set it up to do.. Thank YOU.

        2. Thanks ESW3–glad to have you here and glad you could get the tech part figured out

    2. The RSS link for articles is:

      The RSS link for reader comments is:

      With just these 2 RSS feeds in either Feedbro or Outlook (or both), you will be able to capture everything that makes it thru moderation and is posted to the site. BUT, you have to have internet access and you have to leave either your browser open and/or Outlook open all the time, to make sure you scoop up everything.

        1. Tim,
          Why not leave the RSS instructions as a permanent category?
          This would save us loads of comments on how to.

    3. I use feeder. Very similar in functionality. Closely matches your instructions and works very well too. Filtering, sorting, changing and drilling into “folders,” change scan level for content, etc.

    4. I am in agreement with ESW3 on this post, I think its a real gem. It might be a short comment that earned a few guys a steak dinner but this post fixed one of my biggest frustrations on the site, reading the new comments. I never considered that RSS would fix this for me but this will no longer be an issue for me going forward. I am very happy to have stumbled across this little gem of a thread. Tim, I really appreciate putting this website together for all of us. Its a terrific resource if you are interested in this little slice of the market.

      1. 8675309–glad to have you here of course and happy that the ESW3 thread helped you. I wish everyone had the same tools I have–a big page ‘comments’ so I can scroll through instantly–haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

  2. What is the best way to get notifications of new posts, and new comments? It would be nice to be able to have something like that. With so many boards it takes some effort to trace down what is new now.

    1. Scott–you should get a pop up when you come on the site asking if you want notifications–that is for the stuff I post–if I remember correctly this doesn’t work if you use Safari. Also since I know you have been around for a while if you answered no to receiving notices before you need to clear your cache then it will ask you again if you want notices.

      Maybe someone else will chime in on getting comment notices.

      1. Thanks, Tim. That fixed it.

        I had switched to Brave as my browser at some point and it blocks pop-ups like that automatically so I lost them without realizing it. I have now white-listed the site.

        Brave gives you a form of crypto-currency when you use it if anyone is interested. I make about $100/yr letting it serve ads in the corner. It is also fast and has a lot of good security features. But sometimes you forget those security features are on if you are a big dummy like me.

        Up until last year Twitter had a feature that would text you when accounts you selected posted something so you could see if anything important happened while you were out running around. I think there is an app called Zapier that will do that now for you, but I haven’t tried it.

        It would be nice to be able to get a feed of the comments too, but I don’t know a way to make that happen and it seems like it would be hard to implement. Thanks for all your hard work, Tim!

    2. Have you used an RSS feed reader? Feedbro works well depending on what browser you use, but you may need to take time setting it up to do exactly what you want it to do..

    3. Scott,
      If you use Outlook, you can also setup the RSS subscription function in that as well and it will poll for new posts and you can get fast alerts that way, as well. It is also good to use because it keeps a copy of everything posted so that you can go back and read things at your leisure and not worry about missing any posts.

      Other email clients can also be setup as well, if they support RSS feed subscriptions.

      Otherwise, the browser based RSS readers work well also, but they typically do not grab all posts and comments.

    4. Scott, +1 to 2wr’s suggestion to use Feedbro. It did take a bit of setup, but once it was up it has worked like a charm (at least for Chrome, which I use). It displays a little widget/icon in the toolbar with a badge showing the count new items posted. There’s then a corresponding dashboard where I can step through each of those new items in chron order.

      Now if only I’d checked it early enough yesterday to catch HankLA’s post (dang!).

      1. Don’t feel bad Bur – I saw it and posted it – but then got caught up in others things and didn’t buy–oh well there will be more.

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