Soft Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) Cap Higher Rates

An hour ago we got a softer than expected reading on the leading economic indicators from The Conference Board. The reading came in at a -1% for December versus expectations of -.7%. So the indicators are down 4.2% over the course of the last month. On the other hand ‘coincident’ indicators rose a tiny amount and they are up 1.4% over the last 6 months.

The 10 year treasury was climbing into the 3.54% area, but has now backed off to 3.50% with the soft data.

I am once again showing a small amount (+.1-.2%) of green in accounts and am more than satisfied with any capital gains at this point in time–dividends and interest will hit in about a week which will give a modest boost to accounts–January is not a large payment month.

There is no more economic news today and I don’t see that there are any Fed ‘talking heads’ out there speaking maybe it will be quiet from here on out (who really knows).

2 thoughts on “Soft Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) Cap Higher Rates”

  1. Tis the “quiet period”, so they’re supposed to button up until after the announcement.

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